How to boost restaurant sales in 2021?

The year 2020 has proved to be disastrous for food and beverage industry all over the world. Lockdowns for long periods and a sharp drop in sales have forced many restaurants to shut down permanently.

3 effective methods to boost restaurant sales in 2021

Redesign your menu – 

Research shows that diners reads menu sequentially like a book. Hence, design your menu in such a way that it’s easy for them to search. 

Simple measures such as placing appetizers on the top of the menu, replacing photos of dishes with illustrations and highlighting high-profit items in boxes can easily grab the attention of diners. 

It’s high time to have a digital menu enabled as customers prefer more hygienic, contactless options. or example – Nearly 50% of Chipotle sales last year happened on their website and app. This shows us how much people are inclining towards digital menus.

Effective upselling – 

Train your servers to upsell the high-priced dishes in a diplomatic manner. Suggest extras that accompany the main course. 

For e.g., when a customer orders for egg fried rice, the waiters can suggest that they have grilled fish as a side dish. Never cause annoyance to the diners by bombarding them with suggestions. 

Cash in on the latest technologies – 

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, diners have become more hygiene conscious. They prefer to book tables in advance to avoid overcrowding and digital wallets for making contactless payments. 

All this and more is possible with the help of cloud based restaurant management software such as inresto POS. On a single platform, manage multiple functions such as billing, inventory management, marketing, supply chain management, running loyalty programs, etc. 

An effective restaurant management system also helps you curb theft, track inventory real-time and identify the fast-moving items in your menu.

Parting Words

Restaurateurs are looking for effective techniques to boost their sales in 2021. The methods discussed above not only lead to more footfalls but also improve efficiency significantly. 

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