How Much Will a High-Risk Merchant Account Cost Your Business?

Various spheres of human activity and commercial operations are frequently determined high-risk in the field of payment processing for a number of reasons. In case your company is one of them, you have probably been rejected by companies providing payment processing services. But don’t despair as several suppliers, on the other hand, are always set to satisfy individual expectations as well as supply the services.

Why are high-risk merchant accounts expensive?

The question mentioned above is quite frequent and apparently deserves consideration. Merchants looking for processing of payments at a high level of risk are very likely to have various concerns. It is not a surprise, one of the most often requested topics is the fee.

In case you are one of the numerous shop owners wondering if accepting a customer’s payment volume without money is worth the risk of unsafe processing, you are in the right place.

The basic goal of the processors is to earn a profit, so collaborating with vendors will help them do so while also reducing the amount of labor they have to perform. Thus, if one runs a high-risk company, the processor will be thinking carefully about moving forward with them. Some corporations are hesitant to approve other companies, according to risk evaluations known as transcripts. Any organisation that approves the owner’s merchant account will consider it as an existing financial obligation.

As a result, receiving such services entails embracing the significant costs coming with them as well as the influence they will have. It can be said that in this case, they grow in direct proportion.

How much are you willing to pay?

Having a variety of risks behind them, the higher the risk, the bigger the price, it is a fact. Significant organizations with various clients and a huge amount of transactions per day, on the other hand, should have decreased costs to purchase suppliers at higher risk than startups or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Merchants with a strong credit score and a strong track record with other analysers are in the same boat.

High-risk businesses pay a higher price for merchant accounts. There is a range of reasons why:

  • startups dealing with overseas clients;
  • the uncertain legal status of the business’s object;
  • higher rate of chargebacks and frauds;
  • holding the business in two or more currencies;
  • the owner has a poor history of previous merchant accounts.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly the amount of money that will be spent to process high-risk payments, a company’s risk assessment might give you a good idea of the expected price.

Keeping costs down

The costs for processing could have a big impact on a business of a high-risk industry. However, the situation has solutions. Each processor uses a different so-called “risk” test for the seller, so while one company rejects you, another one can show you the green light. In this case, keep on searching to find a perfect choice for your business.

Final thoughts

Being a high-risk business owner leaves an imprint on various aspects of their working activity and opening a merchant account is not an exception. Doing research can ensure you get the high-risk payment accounts provider you need at a decent speed. Also, remember to make sure there are no costs not specified in the agreement. If you’re interested in getting a high-risk merchant account for your business, visit to find a perfect service for your needs. In case you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance as we would love to help you.

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