How Much Time Will You Save With A Time Card App

In business, they say time is money. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to managing your employees. Unfortunately, traditional employee management methods, timekeeping, and payroll waste a lot of time and, ultimately, money in the process.

A time card app has many features that let you save on everything from scheduling to payroll and logistics. There’s no need to waste time and money if you have the right tools at your disposal.

Thanks to automation and the different integrations available for time clock solutions, many of the things that are time-consuming with manual timekeeping are no longer a problem if you use a time card app effectively.

Save Time With Faster Clocking In and Out

The time it takes employees to clock in and out every day can be considerable, especially when using a traditional job clock. Add to that the fact that you’ve got lots of employees on multiple shifts, such as in retail, and you can see where this would really waste time and drain productivity. This can be very problematic in high traffic and high-stress environments.

A time and attendance app makes the time tracking process much faster and simpler, meaning employees can get to work sooner, aren’t bogged down every time they go to take lunch or a break, and focus on their work instead of punching in or out.

The amount of time saved per individual employee may be small, but it adds up when you consider this saves time for the entire workforce, and over the course of a week, you’ve gained back quite a bit of time and productivity in the process. My Hours is a super easy to use time project time tracker and great for sending hourly reports to clients for billable work.

Save Time With Scheduling and Managing Employees

Making schedules and sharing them with employees is very tedious if done the manual way. Having to key in or write down each and every employee’s schedule and then deliver it to them or make it available for them is a massive waste of manager time. That’s not counting the process of approving time off requests or dealing with issues with employees such as needing to change or trade shifts due to personal factors.

A timesheet management app simplifies all of these issues down to a few clicks of a button. For example, managers can easily make and post schedules available online so that employees can see them almost instantly. In addition, they can approve time off requests and address scheduling conflicts or other issues with the click of a button and spend much less time trying to micromanage employees.

Manager time is much better spent handling actual tasks that require a manager’s attention instead of logistical tasks and paperwork. Therefore, the amount of time you’ll save your managers with a time card app is considerable.

Save Time On Payroll Handling and Processing

One of the most significant time and money sinks for any business is the manual entry of payroll data. Not only is this feat time-consuming, but it is also prone to errors that take even more time and resources to correct. This is compounded by the potential for slow payments to employees and the possibility of workplace conflict as a result.

A team time tracking app automates the collection of payroll data and through payroll integrations, can calculate the necessary data and send it directly to the payroll department error-free for immediate processing.

Being able to streamline the payroll process saves time, money, and valuable resources. Of course, the actual amount of time saved in any of these cases will depend on the size of your company and how much work goes into each of these tasks, but as you can see, a time card app saves time and money in nearly every area of your business.

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