How Much Does Custom Perfume Bottle Project Cost?

People from all over the world are embracing the importance of quality grooming and fragrance accents to their everyday appeal. According to a report conducted by Grand View Research, the global perfume market in 2018 alone was at a staggering 31.4 billion USD and is still expected to grow when consumer spending on premium and luxury items increases.

With that kind of demand, your business needs to find a marketing edge to stand out from the crowd. Leveraging the beauty of custom perfume bottles is an excellent solution to catch the eye of your target market. Whether in the department store, boutique shop, or online space, having an attractive and engaging custom-made perfume bottle ensures your business will grow. 

Why a Custom Perfume Bottle Manufacturer Matters?

The perfume or cologne you wear is normally related to your social class. And an exquisite custom perfume bottle tends to be regarded as a symbol of a luxury brand. It brings you the benefits of focusing your packaging and creativity on matching your unique branding and story.

Working with a custom perfume bottle manufacturer allows your brand to fully explore the different design appeals that speak directly to your clientele. Get the ability to craft great details into your custom perfume bottles like:

  • Hot stamping
  • Color coating
  • Etching
  • Metalizing
  • Frosting
  • Decals

Custom surface decoration reference:

What are the features of a custom perfume bottle project?

The fragrance industry often requires expensive ingredients to secure those highly identifiable aromas clients want the most. That is why you want to work with a custom perfume bottle manufacturer to lower your operating expenses with cost controls that ensure a profitable experience and help foster a long-standing relationship.

It would help if you also worked with a company that offers a fast-lead time from ideation to prototype to final product. Being able to respond quickly to the ever-changing consumer market is crucial, even in the luxury items industry. So there is a lot of fierce competition that you do not want to be left behind.

Custom-made perfume bottles allow your brand to improve its overall curb appeal. A well-designed bottle is like a book cover that no one can walk by without picking up to see what is inside. To set up characterized brand style and enhance the market share, a perfume brand needs to customize its perfume bottles to show a great brand image.

How Much Does a Custom Perfume Bottle Project Cost?

It is not easy to nail down the exact cost of a custom perfume bottle because there are many elements to consider, like capacity, weight, material, surface decoration treatment, and order quantity. Most reputable manufacturers will request a minimum order quantity before beginning the process, which is good because it means they are trying to maximize their revenue potential while offering you a better deal over a higher quantity.

The things that will determine the final price of your custom perfume bottle project will involve:

  • Capacity of glass bottle, 50ml, 100ml and etc.
  • Material and structure of the cap, zamac, ABS and etc.
  • Closing structure, screw neck or crimp neck.
  • Logo application, extra metal logo plate or printing.
  • Surface decorations, like color effects, hand polishing and etc.
  • The quantity of your order and lead time
  • And more details depend on your design

 Custom packaging design reference:

The best way to improve this process and lower your costs is to work with a designer to model your target bottle. Most well-known manufacturers will have a design department that can handle this for you in the early stages of development if you have no one in-house.

Need Somewhere to Get Started?

The entire process of crafting custom perfume bottles doesn’t have to be complicated. Working with a proven professional and experienced manufacturer like Abely Perfume is a guaranteed way to get your next project off the ground. Abely’s team of designers, technicians, and engineers will walk you through the process so that you have complete control over a final product that matches your needs and branding story.

Reach out today and give Abely a call or schedule a consultation through the official website. Click here You are only one quick conversation away from bringing your next perfume design into the marketplace!

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