How Does a Cocktail Charging Table Work?

What is a cocktail charging table?

A charging table is an electrical device used to store and manage the electrical charging process of a mobile phone or a tablet, which typically includes the plugging of one end into the electrical socket of the other, the connection of one end to a battery, and the completion of the process by converting the energy from the battery to the necessary voltage required for the operation of the equipment. It is a small moulded plastic case, which sits atop a small stack of rechargeable batteries held within a metal or steel body. 

This charging station is a convenient piece of furniture for any business that needs a place to set up an electrical unit to charge mobile phones, computers, and other assorted electronic devices. Most companies that use these items would never think of buying a standard desk, and those who do will most likely be looking for something smaller and more compact. If you need an electrical charging station to fit into a very tiny office space, you probably have no choice. But what if your workplace has an unusually small area? Is it too small to support a standard-sized electrical station? How can you make the function work?

What do I use the charging table for

Many individuals use their portable devices, such as laptops, iPads and iPhones, to charge their mobile phones. However, some individuals still want to charge their devices while they are away from home. An additional benefit to having a portable device charging station such as this unit is the convenience – individuals no longer have to worry about whether their device will charge since they will be able to charge any time they want.

How can wireless charging tables benefit your workspace?

A wireless charging table can be used in places where a regular desk or bulletin board-style units cannot fit. There are several practical applications to this style of unit, all of which can greatly improve your bottom line. Let’s look at how a wireless charging table can benefit your company.

A charging table generally fits behind a desk, but there are some models designed for use against a wall. These models often feature a retractable top panel that pulls away from the desk and stores the unit behind the desk. Some models are actually just large, single-unit panels with the circuitry already installed. Either way, the convenience of having your portable electronics safely stored away while attached to a wall or other surface is an obvious advantage. Offices with limited floor space will find this function extremely helpful.

How does a cocktail charging table work? 

When mobile phones are plugged into the unit, a charge is created. The power is usually from a 12-volt battery, but it can be powered by a separate battery or from the unit itself. Once the power is in place, the device (the phone) begins to charge. The process is similar to using an extension cord – the cord is plugged into a power source, the unit is then placed on the floor, and the phone is placed within the unit.

The best part about the product is how it looks. It is sleek and streamlined and comes in a variety of colours and designs. Many models are designed to resemble a conventional telephone, but others are more like a docking station for one of a kind handheld devices such as tablets or laptops. Many units also have wheels and other accessories that allow them to be used as stands or free standing items. Check out for more information. 

Is a charging station for my mobile phone a good option? 

Yes, – it is a very handy item to have around. It makes it much easier to charge a cell phone, especially if the person is out on the run and needs to have a phone with them at all times. An additional benefit is portability – if a person needs to charge their cell phone while they are on the go, they can simply plug the unit into the wall and continue to use it without any interference from the charger.

Most people own a smartphone, and they need to have an affordable and convenient way to charge their device. A smartphone can easily charge via USB and use its data plan. However, this type of charging does not work with many types of electronic devices, such as laptops. Instead, an individual will need to purchase a laptop adapter so that their cell phone can charge via USB.

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