How do recruiters test candidate proficiency?

Testing for candidate proficiency is one of the first things recruiters do during the hiring process. It is fundamental to ensure that the applicants have the required skill set that the clients need from their new employees. And candidate skills testing software is the way to achieve that.

When recruiters work on hiring for a role, they are sure to receive many applications, all of which they have to go through carefully. Interviews are typically where the main interaction and discussions are carried out.

However, there is only so much that recruiters and employers can glean from one-hour interviews. It is important to utilise what skills testing software can do. Many agencies find a candidate proficiency assessment software to use it with recruitment CRM of their choice.

Resumes and CVs are usually the first points of contact between a job seeker and a recruiter. The CV carries an important summary of an individual’s career and education history. It also highlights the knowledge and skills they have accumulated over the years.

However, just these two elements – CVs and interviews – are not enough to provide a holistic view of the candidates. Pre-employment skills testing is a big advantage to both the recruiter and the hiring company.

Why candidate skills assessment is an advantage for the recruiter

  • Helps filter mass applications
  • Checks for skills exaggeration
  • Highlights strengths and limitations
  • Gives a competitive edge over the rivals
  • Provides best candidates to the client company

Why skills testing candidates is an advantage for the hiring company

  • Test results showcase candidate strengths
  • Helps make better candidate choice
  • Prevents bad hiring decisions

Skills assessment is effective and easy. And with online skills testing software systems, it has become easy and efficient, too.

Everything can be done within a matter of minutes. A good candidate skills assessment software will typically have a large library of tests for its users. The recruiter can select any of the appropriate tests to send to a candidate or a group of candidates. Once the candidate receives the test, they can take it from anywhere as long as they have a computer device and an internet connection.

These tests can last anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes. Sample tests are available which helps individuals understand the test structure.

Candidate proficiency can be evaluated quite easily through these tests because there are different assessments for different types of roles. For instance, recruiters can use skills testing software to assess candidates with literacy skills tests or numeracy skills tests for admin-heavy roles. Microsoft Office skills test and data typing skills tests are other assessments suitable for office workers.

Psychometric testing can be utilised by recruiters to assess every type of candidate in every type of industry. This test is valuable for ensuring company cultural fit.

And why is it important to ensure cultural fit with the hiring company? Well, employers want to make sure that the new employee contributes to the existing culture. If an individual has the required technical skills but is very disruptive in all other aspects and negatively affects the working atmosphere, the employee is definitely not suitable for the company.

Psychometric testing assesses different areas of candidate proficiency – problem solving, team collaboration, leadership and communication styles. It helps recruiters and employers see if the candidate will fit into the existing company culture or if they are better off elsewhere.

Thus, using good skills testing software is vital for any company or agency that are hiring different kinds of candidates. Resumes and interviews give some insight into who the candidate is and about their experiences. However, skills testing helps bring the abilities and potential of a candidate clearly to the forefront. Using it alongside the recruitment agency software is an efficient recruiting strategy.

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