How do Math Worksheets Help in Finding LCM of Numbers?

What is LCM?

The smallest natural number that is divisible by a given set of integers is referred to as the least common multiple. LCM is the acronym given to the least common multiple. The LCM of two numbers, m1 and m2, is denoted by LCM (m1, m2). We have to use the list of natural numbers rather than whole numbers as division by 0 is undefined. There are different ways that can be used to find the LCM of numbers. In this article, we will discuss those ways and see how math worksheets can benefit in strengthening our concepts.

Methods to Find LCM

1. Listing Method

This is the easiest method to find the LCM of numbers. In this, we list out multiples of the given numbers. We select the smallest value of the multiple that is shared by all, also known as the common multiple. This forms the LCM.

2. Prime Factorization Method

As the list of multiples is endless hence, for large numbers finding the lowest common multiple can be time-consuming. Thus, we turn to the prime factorization method. The numbers are written as a product of their primes. We then multiple all the prime numbers, ensuring that common primes are written only once.

Benefits of LCM Worksheets

Understanding the Application

As there are several methods to find the LCM, a child needs to be well-versed with them all. To use the listing method, kids must have a strong understanding of multiplication and times tables. Similarly, for prime factorization, children should know how to break a number down into its prime factors. By using the worksheets, young minds can instill robust concepts of LCM, multiplication, and prime numbers. Thus, they can identify which method to use in what question.


As these math worksheets are well-curated with questions of each section and are arranged in increasing order of difficulty thus, kids find it easy to build a solid understanding of LCM concepts. They are first introduced to the listing method, then prime factorization, and finally word problems. By structuring the questions in such a manner, children do not get confused.

Practice Questions

Children get the opportunity to solve numerous practice problems. They can build up their confidence as they solve simpler questions before moving on to more challenging sums. As practice is the key to perfecting any subject thus, kids can use the problems in the worksheets to improve their knowledge of the topic.


Students must practice a wide variety of sums to get an idea of the type of questions that can be framed in a particular chapter. Thus, when they appear for a school or competitive examination, kids can predict the paper pattern and prepare accordingly. They can breeze through the problems without getting stressed.

Skill Development

These worksheets help in the development of many auxiliary skills. It helps to increase the speed and accuracy of computing calculations. They are also needed to build a child’s reasoning and logical thinking abilities. Last but not least, worksheets can harness a kid’s critical thinking power that can be used in Mathematics as well as other subjects.


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