How Do Camlock Fittings Work in Manufacturing Industry?

Manufacturing industries have various significant tools that are small yet play a vital role in maintaining efficiency. Among them, Camlock fitting is an important tool in the manufacturing industries and it helps in several ways. Let’s find out below.

What is Camlock Fitting and Its Significance?

Camlock fittings are critical instruments that help in joining pipes or hoses. They have gained popularity as they reduce the involvement of machines and complex accessories to do a similar task. 

Camlock fittings can do several significant jobs in many industry sectors, e.g., pharmaceutical industry, oil industry, purification plant and so on. Moreover, there are different kinds of Camlock available in the market. 

Camlock fittings in different industries guarantee firm and secure connections between both the equipment. This is also helpful in aligning the equipment perfectly which maintains consistency and flexibility in work. In case the pipes do not align perfectly, there are changes of leakage and spilling. To reduce such mishaps, Union metals have designed products that lay emphasis on alignment and security. 

How Does It Work in the Manufacturing Industry?

Carrying on the work of Camlock fittings by hand is quite difficult as they involved manpower and time. The preciseness that Camlock fittings offer is difficult to gain by human hands. Bigger machines that involve pipes in them are held together with Camlock fittings as they maintain the order inside the machines.

They have both male and female ends and arms to join those ends. Those arms are essential to hold the pipes together in a proper alignment. Camlock fittings also come under a variety of ranges. A different variety is useful for different purposes and serves different needs. Nevertheless, all of them are important in some way or the other. Their types are as follows:

  • Male Adapter with Female Threads
  • Female Coupler with Male Threads
  • Coupler with A Shank
  • Coupler with A Female Thread
  • Adapter Shank
  • Adapter with A Male Thread
  • Dust Cap and Dust Plug 

You can choose the one that best suits your need. They have levelled up the technology from nut bolts and other unsafe methods to being able to fix pipes with the least effort. There are metal Camlock fittings and plastic Camlock fittings available. Metal Camlocks are used for fitting metal pipes whereas; plastic ones are used for joining flexible pipes or hoses. 

The correct male plug is attached to the respective female coupler. During this time the handles should be stretched outward. As soon as the plug and the coupler fit in, the handles are contracted. This is how Camlocks are generally fixed.  The support provided by Camlocks ensures that there are no leakages in the joints to avoid the unnecessary spilling of substances that pass through the adjoined pipes. 


The fixing of these fittings depends upon the type of Camlock that you are using. The process of attaching them to the pipes is different. However, their tasks are quite similar.  In manufacturing industries, Camlock fittings add used to attach the pipes that are held with the machines and large equipment. This is exactly how Camlock fitting works in the manufacturing industry! 

Union Metal is one of the leading suppliers of Camlock fittings worldwide and has managed to generate happy customers over the years of their service. They provide Camlocks in materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium, etc. The foremost aim of Union metal is to deliver high-quality products at an affordable range. No wonder the range of the Camlocks available here is nothing but shouts perfection. For any Camlocks related queries, reach out to the team of Union Metals near you. 

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