How Can You Monitor Your Kid’s Instagram Activity

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms where you can upload your photographs and share them with your friends. When used effectively and with the right intentions, it can be a very rewarding experience. 

But given the downsides of social media and the dangers that lurk on the Internet, if Instagram is used by teenagers or kids it can become a major concern for parents in today’s times. However, with regular parental monitoring, kids can enjoy their healthy share of Instagram too. There are various kinds of secret monitoring apps like Snoop report which is an amazing app that allows you to monitor your child’s Instagram account. 

Why is Instagram monitoring needed?

When your child is a kid or a teenager it is essential to monitor their activities so that they do not get involved in bad company or get closer to detrimental influences. As a parent, you need to know if there are certain problems troubling your child, or the kind of activities they are being dragged into without understanding. Nowadays there are many types of cybercrime and it is very important to keep your child safe from such incidents. Monitoring your child’s account is necessary to ensure their overall safety. For instance, 

  • By checking their Instagram activity, you can form a fair idea if your child is afraid to share thoughts with you, and you can help them overcome such hurdles and discuss freely their problems  
  • The cases of child predators online are not unknown, but young children are unaware; they easily become victims. You need to keep your child safe from these kinds of child predators to secure a good future for your child.

What can you do to ensure their safety on Instagram?

The internet and social media are filled with unhealthy content which is not recommended for viewing by children. It is very important to help your child understand what is good and what is bad for them.

Following grown-ups, children also feel the urge to showcase their lives on Instagram, and that often leads to revealing unwanted information about their lives and might also make them self-obsessed and narcissistic. It is important to help them understand and value everyone.

You can also guard your child’s Instagram by fetching a total online activity record of your child. You can check the time duration they are present online and every little detail to help you get a better understanding and managing them.

How can you monitor your kid’s Instagram activities?

  • You can limit the time of your child’s online activity.
  • You can block the inappropriate apps which are present on your child’s phone.
  • You can block the inappropriate websites from your child’s phone.

Keeping tabs on your child’s Instagram profile is very much necessary. With every passing day, as technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, children are gaining easy access to the internet. So, being a parent, you need to keep your child safe and happy without denying them their fair share of fun. 

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