How 3D product modeling and rendering help the business with social media marketing?

Now, you can also have your products designed in 3D. For example, you can visualize your new products to be produced and use them for promotion on your site or on the site where you sell the product. An artist impression of a product is much more beautiful than a photo as the product visualizations do not contain any imperfections and are very detailed and true.

Product Packaging Visualization

A product usually also comes with packaging. By having your packaging visualized in 3D, you once again have promotional material of the highest quality in your hands. The investment in a well-designed product with packaging pays for itself quickly. When your product and packaging looks better than the products and packaging of your competitors, you will sell more.

Have packaging made

In many cases, your product supplier will also be able to make your packaging. They will then provide the design that you can submit. If your supplier cannot make packaging, you can find a few good printers with expertise in packaging and advertisement.

Viewing product from different angles

The 3d product modeling offer the possibility to view the design from different angles, where the customer can see and check spaces, sizes and other details of the project and so helps in social media marketing. By turning angles or changing measures and dimensions, the user can visually highlight those aspects that interest him and suggest changes.

Architects who envision a new construction project as well as architects of restoration projects can benefit greatly from 3D visualization. One of the most important is that you can visualize different surfaces, textures and finishes. This is useful for defining aspects related to decoration and design such as paint, tile, etc.

Having construction models and products made visual in 3d product rendering is possible, but good quality requires advanced equipment, software and skilled personnel. Quite a bit of experience is required for the correct use of the equipment. As a result, the price can be too high for consumers and high-quality 3D visualizations are usually only purchased by construction companies, architects, project developers and municipalities.

So what are the advantages of 3D visualizations?

The documentation of a construction project depends on the drawings that are often created using Computer Aided Design, Cad or AutoCad programs. This also includes maps, drawings of terrain elevations, working drawings and cost calculations.

When this is done in the conventional, traditional way, it takes a lot of man hours in the design and planning. In order to compete as an architect today, it is almost inevitable that you will purchase 3D visualization equipment.

An intelligent 3D architectural model contains all the 2D data, materials, drawings and documents that the architectural designer needs to produce and deliver required plans, views, drawings, estimates and material information.

Don’t forget the additional biggest advantage, as an architect you can view and criticize your design from all sides before the client sees it. The result is a better design, more efficient use of materials and satisfied customers.

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