Hair Transplant is the Best Remedy to Enjoy Healthy Natural Hair in Lakewood Ranch

Hair transplant isn’t a complicated medical treatment as everyone considers it. The hair specialist surgeon will transplant healthy hair follicles on their patient’s scalp that will soon grow into healthy hair strands. Every day, there are new medical therapies better than the earlier traditional hair loss treatments. Hair transplant is quite popular as it is a painless surgical method to have a permanent solution for excess hair loss. 

Many popular doctors practice as hair loss specialist in Lakewood Ranch with numerous successful hair transplants surgeries. All you need to do is contact the best among them, like Dr. Martin Maag, to have required hair loss treatment without any hassles. This decision is vital because the outcome of the whole hair transplant therapy depends upon the expert knowledge of the hair specialist.

Who are the most suitable candidates for hair transplants?

  • People who aren’t in their 70s or 80s – This is because old-aged people have less chance of having healthy hair growth. 
  • Folks who don’t suffer from severe diabetes symptoms  – This is because their body’s healing process is prolonged. Thus they may endure side effects of hair transplant. 
  • Men and women who have enough healthy hair on their scalp to enjoy the success of the transplantation are preferred for transplants. The hair follicles transplanted are taken from the sides and back of the scalp for faster hair growth. 
  • There are high chances of hair growth in the thinning area of the patient’s scalp. 

The hours taken to complete the surgery depend upon the amount of hair transplant needed to be done by the surgeon. Mostly, it takes two to three hours; however, if the patient needs more hair follicles to be transplanted, they need to visit the hospital the next day. 

There are negligible side effects; however, the patients are suggested to rest at home. Hence, the most suitable time is in the early evening hours to rest at night. Few people experience mild fever and headache. Some even have rashes and redness on the scalp for a few days. The hair growth can be seen in two months, and the complete dense growth of the tresses can be enjoyed in a year. 

After the transplant is entirely over, dermatologists prescribe medications for fast and healthy hair growth. It helps to normalize the hormone imbalance and provide essential nutrients required for the healthy growth of hair. 

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