Graphene – The Cutting-Edge Material That Made It Into Activewear

Due to its unique properties, carbon has been one of the most sought-after materials in the automotive industry. Simply, it’s one of the most durable yet lightweight materials known to man, which makes it ideal for high-performance vehicles.

But what happens when carbon makes its way into outdoor adventure apparel?

You get clothes that are hard to rival in terms of durability, versatility, and longevity. And the trick is graphene, which is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in material technology.

To bring graphene and its outstanding properties closer to you, the following sections provide detailed explanations about the material. In addition, they explore the GAMMA – an all-climate jacket that doesn’t look out of place on a race track.

Graphene Explained

Graphene consists of one layer of carbon atoms. They’re tied together in a pattern called a hexagonal lattice, which is one of the reasons the material is so tough.

On the other hand, graphene is just one atom thick, which makes it the thinnest currently available material. But its excellent properties don’t stop at that.

Scientists found that graphene has exceptional conductivity and light absorption properties. Also, this material is impervious to gasses, but when used in clothes it offers excellent breathability. And since it absorbs very little light, graphene provides great UV protection as well.

However, the most exciting thing is graphene’s strength. Compared to steel, this material is roughly 200 times stronger and much more flexible.

Due to that, there’s currently a lot of research to find different industrial applications for this material. Most notably, it’s likely to find its way into the electronics, biomedical technologies, energy, and sensor industries.

For instance, graphene may overcome the trade-offs between power and energy density in the battery industry.

And yes, these are innovations for the years to come. But you can reap some of the benefits right now should you choose to wear a graphene jacket.

So, what are the characteristics that make these jackets special?

Exceptional Weatherproofing

Graphene-infused jackets, such as the GAMMA jacket, are impervious to wind, rain, snow. You could find yourself in a monsoon and keep your body and head dry.

What about the racetrack?

Sure, things can get pretty windy, but the GAMMA won’t let any chills infiltrate. Better yet, it incorporates fingerless gloves to protect your hands and prevent wind from entering the sleeves. Plus, there are three built-in carbon heating elements to keep you warm.

But it’s best to put this into context, so you understand the jacket’s high-performance capabilities.

Imagine you get to test out a Ferrari Monza SP1 from the ICONA series. This race-ready single-seater is the closest you can get to driving a real F1 car, and it doesn’t have a roof.

Yes, the SP1’s sleek lines and aerodynamics keep the wind and drag above your head. But some of it will still hit your chest and shoulders.

Wearing a full racing suit will certainly help. But an outdoor jacket can be a great option to add another layer of protection.

The GAMMA jacket is impervious to wind speeds of up to 50mph. But when you go past second gear in the SP1, the built-in jacket heaters will keep you warm and ensure you enjoy the ride.

Of course, the Monza SP1 testing is just an example. But it clearly shows how far outdoor apparel has come to offer outstanding protection from the elements.

Stain and Odor Proof

Whether you enjoy an active day on the race track or take a hike, your jacket will surely get stained. But it’s not like that with the GAMMA.

The graphene-infused material repels most liquids. More importantly, you can toss this jacket into your bag and not worry about odors.


Mold and bacteria can’t stick to or grow on graphene surfaces. So, you could wear the jacket throughout a racing weekend, then toss it away, and it won’t smell foul the following weekend.

But what if some dirt and mud get baked onto the jacket?

No reason to worry. Just put the GAMMA in the washing machine and run it on any cycle. Graphene-infused fibers can take some beating, and the higher temperature won’t affect the integrity of the jacket.


Because of graphene’s structure and strength, the GAMMA is very hard to damage. No matter what you throw at the jacket, it’ll resist. That includes typical scratches, abrasions, tears, and punctures.

On top of that, you won’t be able to cut into this jacket even if you used a sharp knife. Basically, it acts as a second skin that’s super-resistant to physical damage. But it’s lightweight enough to allow you to move freely, and quickly pack the jacket away whenever necessary.


The article already mentioned breathability, but this topic merits further explanation.

Graphene doesn’t allow the cold air to penetrate the jacket’s surface. But, at the same time, it efficiently expels heat from the inside. Therefore, you won’t get that sweaty and musty feeling when wearing the GAMMA.

This material has a semi-permeable structure. The graphene helps your body regulate heat naturally and keeps you cool in warmer weather, again without causing excess sweating.

The material actually pulls moisture and heat towards the jacket’s surface before expelling it to the environment.

Check Out Graphene

When all is said and done, graphene is indeed a material that will allow amazing technological breakthroughs in the years to come. But the most fantastic thing is that you can enjoy its outstanding properties right now with graphene-infused apparel.

This article has shown you what the benefits of the GAMMA jacket are. As a result, it may quickly become your go-to choice for a fun day at the race track.

But of course, this isn’t a substitute for a full-body racing suit. However, the jacket offers more than enough to keep any racing enthusiast away from the elements, even when behind the wheel.

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