Gold and Silver Bullion Dealers At Sydney in Australia

One million dollars worth of silver bullion Sydney has mysteriously vanished off the side of the road between Sydney and Melbourne. The truck carrying the precious metal was hauling a silver Krueger trailer. According to Det Acting Supt Paul Smith, the Commander of the Robbery and Serious Crime Squad, the theft is a rare and unusual type of heist. However, it is not all bad news. The stolen goods can still be retrieved from a local gold and coin dealer.

Security service

Many popular precious metal dealers offer premium storage services. The precious metals belonging to their clients are stored in G4S vaults in Sydney. This company is a member of LMBA and specializes in integrated security services. The Australian bullion dealer provides allocated and unallocated storage for customers. The tax policy of the precious metals in Australia is similar to that of the USA and the UK. Therefore, if you are planning to buy precious items in Australia, it is a good idea to shop around.

Silver bar

The police have issued photos of silver bars to help them find the people responsible for the theft. They also released photographs of the trucks and their drivers. They have estimated the silver bullion to be worth $1,015,000. They believe that inside knowledge may have been the cause of the theft. They are investigating the driver of a Kenworth truck that is owned by a large freight company in Sydney. The truck driver is also helping with the investigation.

While purchasing silver bullion is not a legal requirement in Australia, it is an excellent investment for many people. Despite the high price, there is a tax-free way to hold your investment, and it is easy to sell to the right buyers. Most dealers will also offer premium storage services. In addition to secure storage, some will offer unallocated storage for a small fee. Additionally, the tax-policies in Australia for precious metals are similar to those in the USA and UK.

Several issue

There are several buy your gold and silver bullion dealers in Sydney. Among these are Pacific Rim Coins Pty Ltd., which is located at 101 Miller St., and specializes in World and US Coins. The other two are KJC Coins Australia Pty, LTD., and Drake Sterling Numismatics, both of which offer gold and silver. Besides, the owner of the Kenworth truck is cooperating with the police.

As of May 2018, there are currently five companies in Sydney that deal in silver. The Perth Mint is the largest mint in Australia, and it produces coins that are priced as a premium over the spot price. There are also a few other companies that specialize in gold and platinum coins in Sydney. These are also known to have excellent customer service. They are available at all times. If you’re in the market for a particular type of silver, you can find it at a nearby coin dealer in the city.

Silver jewellery

There are also a number of other places to find silver bullion in Sydney. You can also consult with a Perth Mint representative if you want to buy or sell gold or platinum coins. In the UK, it is possible to purchase silver as an investment because of the favorable taxation policy. There are many other benefits of buying and selling precious metals in Sydney. There are even some benefits in owning silver jewellery.

In Australia, there are several places to purchase gold and silver bullion. The Perth Mint is the most popular place to buy gold and platinum in the city. In Sydney, you can also find local gold and silver dealers. You can also look for online resources. If you’re interested in buying precious metals, you can also contact various local dealers and exchange businesses in Australia. The cost of purchasing silver in Australia is comparable to those in the USA and the UK.


When purchasing gold and silver bullion in Sydney, you should choose a local store that specializes in the metal you want to buy. Most of them will have a large selection and are likely to have a lower price than the UK. Some of them may even be able to offer a low rate on their precious metals. If you’re interested in buying gold and silver in Sydney, there are many options to choose from.

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