GogoPDF’s Word to PDF Tool: The Process, Security, Accuracy, and Accessibility

GogoPDF is one of the most-used all-in-one PDF tools across the web. It offers various services that may help you handle and manage your PDF files. From compressing and splitting to merging and converting your files to another document format, GogoPDF is the best online platform for you. 

As such, one of the highlighted features of this web-based service is its Word to PDF tool. This converter will let you transform your Microsoft Word Docs into PDFs, making it easier to send a file via electronic mail without having any format issues. In addition, such a conversion task is also a great way to print your document without alterations — what you see is what you get when you print a copy of a PDF document. 

If you want to learn more about the amazing things you’ll get from using GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter, here are some of the essential details you need to know. 

The Straightforward Process

For those people who aren’t so familiar with digital navigation, utilizing online tools can be an intimidating task. The technical terms and complicated instructions of using any software can be pretty daunting too! That said, the people behind GogoPDF put these considerations in mind and created a Word convert to PDF tool with a straightforward process. 

This online converter offers a user-friendly and hassle-free navigation to turn any Microsoft Word Docs into high-quality PDF pages. As such, it is the ideal tool for the least tech-savvy individual, as it only takes them four easy steps to do the conversion all by themselves. 

Even the first-time users of this platform won’t encounter navigation-issues since all they need to do is open the GogoPDF site and click the Word to PDF button. From there, they will be redirected to the converter’s page and just need to follow these four simple steps:

  • Get the Word Document from the device you’re using and upload it to GogoPDF’s conversion portal. For a much easier upload, you can drag the Docs and drop it to the conversion box.
  • Right after you have uploaded your Docs, the GogoPDF will begin the conversion process. 
  • For the third step, you just need to wait until the converter turns your Word Document into a printable PDF. 
  • For the final phase, download the output that you have converted and save your new PDF document on your device. 

The Security 

Another key feature of the GogoPDF Word to PDF converter is its security and privacy protection. It is committed to protecting the personal information it receives from the users and ensuring all the files uploaded to the server are secured. Furthermore, to comply with its privacy and security policy, GogoPDF will automatically delete all the uploaded files on its system after 60 minutes. 

With that in mind, you can be at ease that your documents are in good hands when you use the GogoPDF conversion services. Plus, even after the conversion process, you can be sure that your files won’t appear on any platform since they will be permanently removed from the system. Thus, if you want to experience simple navigation when converting your files with a high-level of security, GogoPDF is the best choice you’ll have. 

The Accuracy

When it comes to converting any file to another document format, preservation of the original content and quality is vital. Guess what? GogoPDF can also do that for you! This online converter will not only offer a straightforward process but also provides a high-level of accuracy. As such, it can preserve the fonts, texts, lists, paragraphs, columns, and tables of your MS word Docs once it is converted into printable PDF files. 

The Accessibility

Don’t have a computer or laptop yet you need to convert your Microsoft Word Documents on the go? There’s nothing to worry about! With GogoPDF, you can now convert your files anytime and anywhere. Since this online platform works on multiple platforms and fully compatible with Mac, all Windows versions, and Linux, you won’t encounter accessibility issues when using GogoPDF. 

As a matter of fact, you may use your Android phone or tablet when converting your Docs into PDF. With that, you can always utilize this online conversion tool as long as you have a fast and reliable internet connection. 


When looking for an online converter to transform MS Word docs into printable PDF files, you should consider some essential factors to make sure you’re with the right one. That said, GogoPDF is among the online platform across the internet that offers straightforward process, security, a high-level of accuracy, and a wide-range of compatibility. With all these in mind, you can be at ease when transforming MS Docs into PDF safely and without a hassle.

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