GogoPDF Tools That Every People Can Use For Free

GogoPDF has a variety of tools that anyone can use freely without the need to download the software. The only thing you will do is search them through the web. And when you visit the site, you can see so many features that can help you with regards to your PDF issues or needs.

Users will unlikely have a tough time understanding the website’s software because its interface is straightforward. They can easily see every offered tool only on one page, and if you click each of the tools, you’ll know that it has instructions ready so that it’ll not be hard for you to carry out the process. Hence, this list will help you figure out more of the advantages and functions of some of the tools:

Word to PDF

PDF is known for being the superior file format there is today. It is utilized for contracts, resumes, presentations, and the list goes on. When you use PDF, you’ll be assured that the contents of your files are safe. One of its many advantages is that users can even put a password to the PDF file to make it more secure. A Word file is suitable, but it is better if you convert that document into a PDF file instead. Using such a format is also easy to manage; you only have to possess the proper tool. And for that, you can use the online Word to PDF converter of the famous and most reliable GogoPDF.

The converter tool will help you turn a Word file into a PDF file as quickly as possible. When you click the Word to PDF tool, a four-step instruction will appear suitable for some people who are not tech-savvy. The process of converting your document is fast and straightforward, and you can finish it quickly. With only a few clicks, you will have your new PDF file.

Add Watermark

Adding a watermark to anything important to you, like photos, videos, or PDF documents, must be normalized. People should always do it, most importantly if they post it on any social media networks. Although it is okay to post essential files on your accounts, it is still not safe from opportunist people. It would be best if you always were prepared when things turn out bad. Some of these kinds of people will take what’s yours and act as if it’s their own, and without your watermark, taking it back will not be easy.

With that said, you should always act first and start putting a watermark on your essential PDF files. Thus, you will less worry about potential thieves lurking everywhere. Luckily, it is made easy with the Add Watermark tool, one of GogoPDF’s top-tier featured tools. You can choose whether you want a personalized image watermark or a text watermark. The system or tool will also let you decide where your watermark will be as long as everyone can clearly see it. The watermarked PDF outcome is perfectly high quality, which means no layout or anything terrible will happen. 

Protect PDF

If your problem is that people might access any essential files from your computer, tablet, phones, or more, you need to start using the Protect PDF tool from GogoPDF. Victims of this type of event might lose their valuable files such as important text messages, emails, or work reports. Those victims might also have their identity, money, or bank statement stolen if they’re not careful.

If you want to find the best solution, start placing passwords to any of your valuable files. With that statement, the only solution is to use this feature. The 128-bit AES system should be enough to encrypt and protect your files. Every conversion process is carefully done in the server to be more secure and safe. To protect your PDF files, below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Upload the PDF that you want to encrypt. You can get the file from your tablet, desktop, or mobile phone.
  2. Please think of the best password and add it now. You also need to follow the requirement when you generate one.
  3. You can directly send the PDF file or file link to other people in an email or text message.
  4. Download the PDF file to your computer or upload it on your online sites.


Now that you have learned a few things about this online software use it to handle your PDF files. GogoPDF will ensure the security and safety of your documents after you upload them. This platform is also free to use from anywhere around the globe. What are you waiting for? Visit their site now and learn more about all of its offered tools.

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