GogoPDF: The Best and Convenient Features to Use

GogoPDF is the top PDF managing software that people use through their mobile devices and desktop. If you want to know the best functions it can offer, this article is for you. So here are the best and convenient features to use from GogoPDF.

Word to PDF

The PDF file format is the most common document that people use today. It is everywhere, and we use it in our brochures, contracts, resumes, and more. Most people would want their files in PDFs because this type of file format can maintain the original quality and formatting of a document regardless of the operating system or device used to process any files.

If you wish to convert your Word documents into PDF format, you can always count on the Word to PDF converter feature of GogoPDF. Its server will automatically convert your documents into high-quality and professional-looking PDF files. If you are still not satisfied with the details, try this feature today! Here are the few steps that you need to follow:

  1. Choose and upload the Word file from any of your devices into the conversion box. You can also drag it into the website.
  2. The system of GogoPDF will convert your documents in a while.
  3. Wait until this conversion tool converts your files into a PDF.
  4. Start downloading and save the newly converted PDF document on your desktop. You can also copy the file link and post it on your social media sites!

Protect PDF

Any unwanted access is a common problem for people with smartphones, tablets, computers, and more. The victims of this unfortunate event might suffer a loss of essential documents like email conversations, confidential texts, or weekly reports for work. Some might have their bank information, money, or even identity stolen if they are not careful.

If you wish to avoid this situation, you should start adding passwords to your precious files. With that said, the Protect PDF feature of GogoPDF is the solution! It features the 128-bit AES to protect and encrypt all of your documents. Every transactions and process that you will do on the website are secure and safe. If you want to start protecting your data right now, try the process below:

  1. Choose the PDF file that you wish to be encrypted. Upload the document from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can also drag it into the toolbox.
  2. Start adding your password now. Please follow the website requirement, and it should have symbols, capital letters, and numerals.
  3. Directly send your file to others through email or copy the document link and send it through text message or email.
  4. You can now download and use the protected PDF document. You can also upload it to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

Add Watermark

We are now in the generation that everything can be viral, such as videos, photos, and even private documents. After something is uploaded on the internet, it would be almost impossible to take back what’s yours unless you added a watermark on your file. What’s the importance of adding watermarks? It can be your protection on the content so that people will know that it is yours. Without any watermarks, your digital assets such as PDF documents with important information can be stolen or accessed without your consent.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, start protecting your PDF files using the Add Watermark feature of GogoPDF. You can choose to place an image or text as your watermark in a PDF. You can also decide which part of your file you want to put your watermark. Now that you know the importance of this feature, you should start using it now! Don’t wait until someone gets something important from you. With that, here are the steps to add watermarks to your documents:

  1. Select the PDFs from any of your devices. You can also drag the PDF into the website’s conversion box.
  2. Add the text, or you can place the photo as the watermark in your file. Carefully place the watermark in the position that you want and click “Add Watermark.”
  3. Wait for the server to complete the process, and it might be a little while.
  4. Download the PDF file or email it to your friends, classmates, or colleague. You can also upload it to your online accounts.


Now that you know a little detail about some GogoPDF features, you should start using all of its tools. GogoPDF will let you use its functions without any fee, and you only need your device and an internet connection.

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