Were you gifted apple gift cards and do not know what to use them for? Well, GiftCards Hub is here with all the answers as to what Apple gift cards are and can be used for.

What is an Apple gift card?

An apple gift card is a card issued by Apple Inc., the world’s technology company to its customers. Like any other gift card, Apple gift cards can be used in purchasing items (both hardware and software) from any Apple retail store or the online App store.

Before now, the Apple retail store gave out two different types of gift cards namely the Apple Store gift and the iTunes Store gift card. The Apple Store gift card was used in the purchase of physical (hardware) items from the Apple Store, while the iTunes gift card was used to purchase Apple software.

In 2020, Apple announced the release of a new Apple gift card that can be used to purchase both physical and digital items. This new card is more flexible with payments and can be used to purchase iPhones, Mac, iPad, iWatch, accessories, apps, games, music, and lots more. Apple gift cards can be loaded with funds between $25 and $2000.

However, in Nigeria, there are no official Apple outlets or representatives. Hence, the best option is to sell the gift cards for cash. Several platforms are available online for the sales of gift cards but one must be careful to not fall into the hands of scammers.

The best platform to redeem Apple gift cards for naira in Nigeria

Without mincing words, the best platform to redeem your Apple gift cards to naira is GiftCards Hub. It is a reliable and verified gift card trading platform that gained the trust of many Nigerians over the years. There are many reasons why GiftCards Hub stands out and they are listed below.

  • GiftCards Hub offers the best rates for trading gift cards. With GiftCards Hub, be sure to maximize and sell cards at a higher rate than the normal exchange rate. To calculate the current price of Apple gift cards in Naira, visit the website and make use of the rate calculator.
  • The website is user-friendly and can be easily navigated by both advanced and new gift card traders.
  • GiftCards Hub makes instant payment. No delay in payment as the founders believes that delay can destroy the trust of customers in the platform. Sell gift cards for cash via gift cards hub and get paid within five minutes after the transaction confirmation.
  • To evade scammers, GiftCards hub made sure to fortify their website with world-class security technology. This way, your card details are always protected from theft.

How to get started on GiftCards hub

Create an account on GiftCards hub to get started by following the steps below.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on trade now and sign up by providing the necessary details required of you.
  3. Read and then agree to GiftCards Hub’s privacy policy and terms.
  4. Click on create account and get started.

How to convert my Apple gift card to naira GiftCards Hub

Follow these steps;

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your dashboard.
  3. Select Apple store gift cards from gift cards options.
  4. Select the category of Apple gift card you want.
  5. Input amount in dollars. After this, your gift card amount is automatically converted to naira
  6. Upload the Apple gift card image and card details in the space provided.
  7. After the card has been confirmed, you’ll be immediately credited.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to trade gift cards on GiftCards Hub?

All you need is mobile data to create an account on GiftCards Hub. In creating the account, you’ll be asked to input your email, surname and other names, and a personal password (must be eight characters). Immediately you create the account, GiftCards Hub will send you an email congratulating you on making the best financial decision ever. Visit to get started.

How do I add my account details to GiftCards Hub?

Adding your account details to your GiftCards Hub wallet is easy and can be done in four simple steps.

  1. Create an account first if you don’t have an account with GiftCards Hub.
  2. Log in to your dashboard.
  3. Scroll down to the “Add bank account” section and input your account number and submit the form.
  4. If your bank account has been successfully added, when you click “check”, your account name will pop up.

Note that more than one bank account can be added.

Can my gift card expire?

Yes! Gift cards can expire if not redeemed within five years of purchasing it. If not used within the first 12 months after purchase, you’ll be charged for inactivity and dormancy of service. The service fee charged to your card every month results in value reduction of the card. The good news is you no longer need to keep your gift cards because they can be traded on the best gift card platform—GiftCards Hub.

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