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Many people have an Airtel SIM card, but many are unaware of the different Airtel deals, recharge offers, and bundle offers. For those of you who don’t know, today’s article is for you. Take a peek at the article from today. And take advantage of the offer of your choice. You can choose the Airtel Mini SMS pack if you are looking for the greatest SMS pack. Airtel has a number of exclusive offers for its consumers. Many particular clients consider the various forms of bundle offerings once again.

Code for Airtel SMS Pack 

What’s new with you, Airtel customers? I hope you are all doing fine. Airtel is one of the most popular cellphone operators in our country, as you are aware. Today’s subjects will be airtel sms pack, and we hope you will find this post to be extremely beneficial.

Airtel 40 Taka SMS: We have created this bundle with extensive information because many people are looking for the 40 SMS package for 2 Taka. The package’s detailed information may be found here. Please read the following instructions if you wish to activate this bundle.

  • Dial *321*200# to activate this SMS pack.
  • The SMS pack has a 12-hour expiration date.
  • The cost of a 40 SMS from Airtel is only 2 Taka.
  • You can use it whenever you want.

150 SMS Offer from Airtel: Airtel has created 150 SMS offers for their customers. You may acquire it for merely 5 TK. This package, however, is only available for one day of the match. This page is for people who send and receive a lot of SMS on a daily basis. This package’s detailed information, including the activation code, is listed below.

  • You can get the offer by dialing *321*500#.
  • It lasts for 24 hours.

Pack of 1000 SMS from Airtel: Airtel 1000 SMS Package: Airtel has created this package keeping their customers in mind. For individuals who converse via SMS, this is an excellent SMS bundle. For only 12 TK, you can obtain it. The Everest information, as well as the activation code and balance check code, are listed below.

  • Simply dial *321*1000# to receive this offer.
  • The SMS message is only valid for 3 days.
  • Any operator can be used.
  • To check your SMS balance, dial *778*6#.

Because you would like to learn more about this Airtel SMS pack in various locations. As a result, we’ll talk about these topics in today’s post. All of your queries about this will be answered here. I hope you will take the time to read the entire article. We purchase SMS on our various SIM cards. However, not everyone can afford to buy SMS, especially in these modern times. Airtel has a number of SMS Packs available in every circle around the country, allowing consumers to send text messages at a reduced rate.

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You will find thorough information on all Airtel Bangladesh SMS bundles right here. You will also be eligible for an Airtel SMS offer. Which will be inside your budget. Through this post, we have compiled all of Airtel’s SMS packages. We save all of the information here, including all current codes, balance check codes, and SMS packages with a one-day to a 30-day validity period. As a result, you can easily select an affordable bundle from this list. The SMS bundles are handed out by hand. Feel free to contact us.

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