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Good teachers don’t just understand the conceptual and theoretical aspects of a subject, they also know how to guide students and help them choose a path to success. Teachers are a valuable asset in society. After all, they prepare and nurture the future generation. However, there is an evident shortage of qualified teachers across the country. But the good news is teachers themselves can address this shortage by undergoing various training programs meant for teachers’ development. And this is possible because most offline and online teacher training courses with a certificate in India have been designed with the goal of making teachers future ready.

Importance of online teacher training courses with a certificate in India

There is no shortage of teaching training courses in India. But why are they so sought after? Well, because they offer creative opportunities for teachers to further their education. These courses are a great way for educators to achieve their professional and personal goals while still having time to teach. If you are an ambitious teacher looking to grow, then you can start a course right away, as there are plenty of them available online, that too free of cost.

Teaching has seen a significant change in the past couple of years; there’s no doubt about it. So, it has become more important now than ever for teachers to focus on their teaching methods, especially as remote learning has become a norm. So clearly, it is becoming increasingly important for educators to equip themselves with advanced knowledge and technological skills to avoid becoming obsolete in the fast-paced education sector. If you want to upgrade your teaching skills, then here are some online teaching training courses that you can consider.

The top online teaching training courses in India with certificates

1. Boosting Employability

This course will help you to understand and excel in job interviews. It will increase teachers’ understanding and knowledge about pedagogy, including lesson planning, child development, learning theories, and assessments & evaluation. This course will also help you build a strong and impressive profile, including your portfolio and resume. Relate student needs and learning outcomes. By doing this course, you will understand the need to employ action verbs, learning taxonomies, and learning styles in planning a lesson; will be able to devise a good lesson plan; use assessment data in monitoring learner’s achievement; understand different types of assessment and their application, and record, conduct and announce assessment judgements.

2. Curriculum Design and Development

This course will help you to develop your knowledge, understanding, and skills in curriculum design, development, and planning. The course will also increase teachers’ understanding and knowledge about the various models and approaches to curriculum design and development. By taking this course, you will learn about the different curriculum design and development models. You will also learn about the steps involved in a curriculum design. Not just that, you will also be able to design a curriculum on your own.

3. Ethics and Values

This course has been designed to offer knowledge and understanding related to what ethical conduct should be like in teachers. The course helps teachers learn how to behave ethically inside and outside of the classroom. With this course, you will also be able to handle situations in which ethics might be a problem. Not just that, you will also be able to tell your students about the importance of values and integrity in life and how to effectively maintain them in real-life scenarios. Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate integrity in the workplace. You will also be able to exercise a professional work ethic.

4. Providing Feedback

This course has been designed to develop understanding, knowledge, and skills among teachers about giving feedback. There are different strategies and approaches which teachers can use to provide feedback to their students in a constructive way. This course aims to acquaint teachers with all those approaches and strategies. The course also teaches ways to ascertain if the feedback serves its intended purpose. After the completion of the course, you will be able to understand the significance of feedback and its application. You will also be able to give feedback to students and other stakeholders the right way. That, in turn, will enable you to use teacher and student reflection as part of the feedback.

5. TET Preparation

This course will help you gain the necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills to pass the TETs. This course will increase teachers’ understanding and knowledge about Child Development & Pedagogy. The course covers all the subjects and areas of study that the TET syllabus includes, and hence, can be immensely helpful for TET aspirants.

6. People of Determination

This course will help educators and school staff understand the concepts of disability, impairment, special education needs, and inclusion. Participants will learn about the barriers and discrimination that special people face and how to help them overcome them. They will also explore ways to promote inclusion. Participants will also learn about different learning and teaching methods to encourage inclusion. With this course, you will know how learning impairments and disabilities can impact a child’s ability to learn. You will also understand the significance of inclusive education in the lives of special children. The course also teaches the importance of inclusive methods of teaching and approaches of learning to facilitate education access for special children.

What else? You will learn about policies and laws created for inclusive education in the UAE for special children.

The bottom line is that there is so much to learn in the field of education that you simply can’t take teaching courses lightly.

These courses are meticulously designed to make sure every learner can benefit from them immensely. So, if you want to upgrade your teaching skills or enrich your repository of knowledge, then enrol for any of these courses, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned educator. After all, there is no age or experience bar when it comes to learning!

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