For Quality Sleep: What To Consider When Shopping for A Bed Mattress

Sleep is an essential part of people’s daily life. Science has proven that the immune system is boosted whenever a person sleeps, and cell repairs happen faster than when a person is awake. Having a boosted and strong immune system is most especially needed during this pandemic. Apart from having vaccinated, a stronger immune system will reduce the chances of getting the virus and reduce getting sick in general.

A bed mattress plays a huge role in having a better quality of sleep. Choosing the most suitable bed mattress for you will help you have better mornings and longer uninterrupted slumber. Mattress shopping should be taken seriously in the most systematic way possible. While it all can sound a little bit stressful, being stressed about something that can affect your overall health for an extended period of time is indeed very worth it in the end.

What Do You Need?

Make sure to, first, ask yourself this question. What do you really want? What are your preferences? What are you looking for in a bed mattress? Identify your comfort level and firmness level. By asking yourself these kinds of questions, you would be able to make sure that you won’t regret your decision in buying and choosing the best mattresses. Also, asking these questions would narrow down your choices and is a great way to begin shopping.

Of course, you have to broaden your point of view and consider other concerns that would affect your mattress preference. These concerns might include your health needs, the interior design of your bedroom, and the size of your bedroom. Make a checklist of your wants and needs to set the mood you need for your mattress shopping.

Bed Sizes

Mattress shopping will never be complete without determining what size you need. Before identifying the size, you should first measure the dimensions of your old bed mattress or the size of your bedroom. There are six (6) standard bed mattress sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. These sizes range from 38” X 75” (size of a single or twin bed) to 72” X 84” (size of a California king bed).

In considering the bed size, there are more essential things to think about. After considering the bedroom’s size, measure the door size too to make sure the bed mattress would fit through the entrance of your room. If you have a partner, decide whether you’ll need a wider bed or not. It is also ideal to consider your height and the height of your partner too.

Compare and Contrast Prices

It is vital to bear in mind that the mattress quality does not depend on its price. Sometimes, there are cheap bed mattresses that last long and feel more comfortable than expensive bed mattresses. Take your time searching for different brands and types of bed mattresses to gather ideas about how much they would cost. Prices vary from brand to brand, meaning the price of a specific bed mattress on one brand is probably different from other brands.

There are lots of affordable, yet high-quality mattresses online and in physical stores. Find the will to search for those cheap bed mattresses, and again, list down your preferences and note certain features you like on listed bed mattresses. After that, look at their price and compare and contrast the expense of those bed mattresses.

Visiting a Physical Store

Going to a physical store might be a hassle to many. Standing and walking for several hours can be very draining indeed. However, you remember how bed mattress shopping should be taken seriously. So, it might be a good idea to visit a physical store. However, when going to the store, make sure to practice social distancing. Disinfect as often as possible, especially if you touched several items while shopping.

One of the benefits of going to a physical store is that you can see and feel the bed mattresses. You will visualize the bed in your bedroom and how it will make you feel after a long tiring day of hard work. You would give your mattress shopping experience a fuller and more fulfilling feel if you used your sense of sight and touch during the choosing process.

Types of Bed Mattresses

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of bed mattresses available in the market. Each type offers different levels of comfort and firmness as well as different features and gimmicks. Knowing and familiarizing the types of bed mattresses would indeed narrow down your choices. Also, remember that other than the bed mattress sizes and brands, prices are also affected by the type of bed mattress.

The most common types of bed mattresses are innerspring, memory foam, gel, latex, hybrid, pillow-top, and many more. Search for each type, note what you like about them, and contemplate what type you choose.


The success in choosing the most suitable bed mattress lies in your hands. Never think about being lazy in choosing your next bed since it will indeed affect your life in the coming years. You don’t want to wake up in pain and aches every morning, right? Choose wisely and carefully.

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