Flower Tattoos And Their Deep Meanings

Getting inked is one of the most cherishable experiences that a human chooses to bless them with. It’s a fulfilling experience that tends to get even more special when one person gets something with a deep meaning inked. One of the most common inkspiration that people choose to get from is the beautiful flower or floral bouquet. Flowers teach us many things about love, life and beyond that, we humans are in complete awe of them – so much so that we end up getting them inked over our various body parts. It is said as tattoos are very personal in nature, you choose to express yourself or pay tribute to someone dear, represent a special memory or represent a special quality of flowers through its own beautiful meanings. Here’s what some flower tattoos symbolise.

  • Daisy Tattoo – If you were born in the month of April or you have become a new mom recently, then daisy tattoos should be your go-to tattoo. Elaborating on the same, it is said that Daisy is the birth flower of people born in April and is associated with the goddess of love, fertility, beauty and so on. This is how new mommies are even perfect to get themselves inked with a beautiful daisy flower as it is said to represent motherhood, purity and new beginnings. A pure white daisy stands for virtue and purity. Red daisies stand for youth whereas yellow for cheerfulness and blue for overwhelming emotions.
  • Rose Tattoo – The most popular flower roses are even a quite popular choice when it comes to getting inked. Associated with love and desire, every different colour of roses stands for something different. For example, red rose stands for passion, love, romance, whereas white roses are known for purity, innocence and spiritualism. Lavender roses are a sign of love at first sight, on the other hand, pink roses symbolise happiness, respect and recognition. Yellow roses stand for joy and friendship, whereas soft pink roses symbolise grace, gratitude and gentleness. And just like that a rose tattoo is very personal, which carries a deep meaning and instantly makes it a recognisable tattoo.
  • Lotus Tattoo – You will mostly spot people getting tattoos with a lotus flower in it. A lotus flower tattoo symbolises peace, purity, resilience, enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Lotus tattoos tend to mean differently as per different countries. In Egypt, lotus tattoo means some spiritual rituals and religious ceremonies, whereas in Vietnam, it means beauty, purity and enlightenment. As per Buddhism, it is said to symbolise the opening of one’s heart. Also as per yogic sciences, it means relaxation, self control and spirituality all of which makes it a lovable tattoo for every yoga enthusiast out there.
  • Japanese flower tattoo – If you wish to create some vibrant beautiful floral tattoos then go with the japanese flower tattoo. The cherry blossom or sakura as it is popularly known symbolises the onset of spring season, new beginnings and is a sweet reminder of transience. Whereas in tattoo language, it means beauty, life, love, grace, elegance and appreciation. This tattoo should be placed from collarbone to shoulder or the way up from the corner of the ankle.
  • Peony tattoo – Japanese refer to peonies as the kind of all flowers because it is said to symbolise wealth, honour and royalty. One can get a full bloom peony tattoo symbolising long life, happy marriage, prosperity and compassion. A multi layered, beautiful yet romantic peony tattoo is sure to grab some eyeballs.

So, these were some of the beautiful flower tattoos and their symbolism. Make your pick and hit your nearest tattoo store to get yourself inked.

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