Flat Roof Leaks: What to Do Before the Pros Come

Did you know mold—the result of water infiltration from a leaky flat roof—can grow inside your home in less than 48 hours? Excess mold in a home can lead to allergies and respiratory issues.

A leaky roof means the roof is damaged in some way. So mold isn’t the only issue. The tears and holes allow heat or cold to escape, pushing up your energy bills. If the cracks are large enough, debris and even pests can get into your home.

If you’ve placed a call to your local flat roof repair professionals, read on to learn what to do before they arrive at your home.

Locate the Leak

To repair a flat roof speedily, you need to determine exactly where your roof is leaking. If you can do this before the professionals arrive, even better! If it’s safe to do so, head up onto your roof and examine the membrane for tears or holes.

If you have the equipment and are a competent DIYer, you can attempt an emergency flat roof leak repair. This might involve using tarpaulin, silicon, caulk, or roofing cement to patch the hole temporarily.

Clear the Affected Rooms

While you’re waiting for flat roof repair in WI, your leaky roof is going to keep, well, leaking. If you can’t attempt an emergency repair, it’s essential to minimize the damage inside your property.

Enter the affected rooms (assuming they’re safe) and remove all the furniture. If you can, place buckets or a tarp over the flooring to catch drips. Shut the doors to those rooms and instruct family members to stay out; don’t forget to keep your pets out, too!

Keep the Interior Dry

Even if you’ve hired the best flat roof repair company, it might be a while before they can show up at your home. In the meantime, the leaking water is in danger of infiltrating your walls and floor, ruining your furniture, and encouraging mold.

If the water isn’t affecting your wiring, plug in a few dehumidifiers to try to keep the moisture levels down. Once the leak is fixed, keep the dehumidifiers running for a few days to a week.

Find a Reputable Roof Repair Company

In an emergency, it’s tempting to call the first company that pops up on Google. However, this may result in you hiring someone shady.

Take a deep breath and spend a little time looking for reputable service professionals. They should:

  • Have proven experience repairing flat roof leaks
  • Offer a 10-year minimum no-leak warranty on repairs
  • Understand its an emergency and respond accordingly
  • Have the necessary equipment and staffing for flat roof leak repair

Check reviews on Google maps or Better Business Burea ratings and ask friends and family for recommendations.

Get Your Leaky Flat Roof Fixed Today

If you have a damaged flat roof and you’re waiting for service professionals to arrive, the most important thing to do is ensure water and debris don’t destroy your possessions. Move everything out of the affected rooms and keep family members and pets away, too. Once the pros arrive, they’ll have a clear path to getting that leak fixed quickly.

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