Facing Hair Loss? Try This

There are many causes of hair loss or baldness, including stress, hormonal changes, hair products, and dietary choices. Usually, hair loss affects older age groups, but recently, it has become more prevalent amongst the young.

Hair loss at a young age is not pleasant; therefore, people seek out treatments that can help them regrow their hair, while others even use a hair piece. Out of many other treatments, the most advanced and scientific-based treatment is platelet-rich plasma therapy because it helps the body to naturally regrow hairs instead of adding hair plugs to your scalp.

How Can You Define Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

Using blood plasma, this non-surgical injection therapy uses your body’s natural healing power. The procedure involves taking out the patient’s blood sample with a syringe. The sample blood is then processed in the laboratory that contains cells beneficial in natural hair growth, additionally with an increased blood flow. These extracted cells are then injected into the scalp to help our body use them for hair growth.

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Promote Hair Growth?

Platelet-rich plasma is a substance obtained from the patient’s blood using a centrifuge machine.The substance that is separated has a high quantity of proteins that are necessary for hair growth. Although these proteins are naturally present in the scalp but a lack in the amount of these proteins in the scalp leads to loss of hair. PRP  has a higher concentration of these proteins. When they are supplied through an injection to the scalp, they nourish the hair follicles, thus slowing down and potentially treating hair loss.

PRP treatment is not a permanent treatment as you will have to get touch-ups almost every year to maintain healthy hair. However, most patients who undergo this treatment feel that it’s a worthwhile investment for a full head of hair and a younger appearance.

 Are There Any Side Effects Of PRP Therapy?

There is a concern about PRP treatment in that your blood might not contain enough plasma rich enough to stimulate hair growth; in that case, this treatment will not work for you. Some other possible side effects are:

  • Temporary symptoms from the anesthesia given during the treatment to avoid any pain.
  • The location where injections are added to the scalp can sometimes get scar tissue of minor level.
  • A nerve injury may occur if the therapist is not trained enough.
  • A minor infection can occur at the site of injection.

What Do We Recommend?

Finding a natural and healthy solution for hair loss is a daunting task, but when platelet-rich plasma therapy is an option, you don’t have to mess with inferior options. There is no doubt that there are some risks in using this treatment, but when the benefits outweigh the risks, you must consider the option. You can book an appointment with your platelet-rich plasma therapist by contacting a stem cell therapy clinic, where you can have trusted treatments.

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