External and Internal house paint

Choosing a house paint color is another matter for home builders รับสร้างบ้านโคราช. good should be important Because if the color is not quality. The color will fade. or premature fading In addition to the quality of the color Choosing paint colors can also make your home look better. House paint indicates the personality of the homeowner. So today we have a few techniques for choosing paint colors for the house. Let’s like the members of the house to leave each other.

House paint or acrylic paint It is an essential paint product for a new home or an old house paint. to make the house beautiful and protect the surface from wind, moisture, light and various environmental conditions.

home paint mix

1.) Pigment powder

The various shades that we choose are made up of “color pigments” that are a mixture of colors to mask the original surface color. Let us know what color it is. and cause beauty to the walls of the house Often use organic pigments such as monoazo pigments and inorganic ingredients such as titanium dioxide. calcium carbonate, etc.

2.) Binder or acrylic

It is an important component of home paint. Because this substance will act to bind the pigment to the binder. for adhesion to the surface Ready to serve to coat the surface that looks like a thin film to make the color shine. The main constituent binder is dispersed in the form of an emulsion. It is an opaque white, glue-like substance if not mixed with pigments. But when mixed with pigments, the texture of the pigments is obtained. The good characteristics of the binder are

  • Able to dry quickly.
  • Flexible, tough, not brittle when dry.
  • Resistant to weather, sunlight, environment or acids.

3.) Destroyer

It is a very important component. serves to prevent the color from clumping together and help the binder to the pigment homogeneous To have a viscosity suitable for applications such as water.

4.) Additives

As various additives used in home paint May be added to a little to make the paint have more properties such as preventing foaming of the paint, preventing spoilage of paint, increasing the dispersion of the paint, increasing the adhesion force to make the paint durable, Increase smoothness, increase shine, prevent sunlight, prevent moisture-fungus, etc.

type of house paint

Common house paint colors It is divided into 3 types, each of which has different properties as follows:

1.) exterior house paint

It is the actual paint that is applied over the exterior wall after the primer has been painted. to achieve the desired color tone when used externally Therefore, the paint is designed to be more durable than the interior paint. because they have to face the sun and rain Therefore, various special substances are added to enhance the properties for good and long-lasting use. At present, exterior paints can also be used to paint inside.

Exterior paint should choose a type of Pure Acrylic Paint by applying 3 coats. The most important step. is to prepare the surface for painting, because more than 80% of the paint woes Caused by poor surface preparation, so before painting, make sure that The area to be painted must be completely dry, free from acidic, alkaline, or dusty conditions. It should be a smooth plastered wall, no cracks, if any, must be completed before painting the joints before painting. Normally, every type of paint is applied 2-3 coats and should not be painted more than 5 coats because it will cause a layer of paint. too thick and fall off easily

2.) Interior house paint

It is a paint applied over the interior walls. It’s a color that doesn’t have to be exposed to sunlight and rain, but interior painting is also important. Therefore, choose colors that are easy to wipe clean. good anti-fungal and no pungent smell

Paint to paint the interior parts of the building, such as plastered walls, plasterboard surfaces, flat sheets or other parts, should be applied 2-3 times. Interior paint should not be used for exterior walls. Because the interior paint is not resistant to sunlight and rain, causing the paint to fade easily, therefore, the wall to be painted must be clean, dry and free from moisture. Because moisture will make it difficult to breathe and will cause the meat to swell and swell.

3.) Primer paint

It is a color that is applied as a primer after plastering is completed. before painting over the actual interior and exterior To achieve the desired tone and enhance the adhesion of the topcoat or plastered material better. Primer paint is the same as exterior paint and interior paint. They differ in the type of glue. and more ingredients which is characterized by good alkalinity resistance Because it is the part that is in contact with the cement itself.

There are two types of primer paints, namely new cement primers and old cement primers. will be used differently

New cement primer paint  white texture, water-based formula, no pungent smell Easy to apply and cheap Used for new plastering walls only. to prevent stains that will occur after painting because in the first period after plastering the new wall Plaster may be able to drain moisture out. The new mortar primer mixture will help prevent stains and provide good adhesion to plaster walls and topcoats.

Old cement primer paint can be divided into 2 formulas, which are water-based formulas that look white. and oil formula looks like a clear color and the smell is more pungent than water formula But it has better adhesion efficiency than water formulations. Old cement primer is suitable for priming plastered walls that have been painted or have been used for a long time. which may have corrosion of the original topcoat, fungus or moss by scraping the original topcoat Clean the dirt off first. wait for it to dry completely Then paint the old cement primer before painting the topcoat accordingly.

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