Everything You Must Know About the Halo Engagement Ring

One of the trendiest designs in diamond engagement/wedding rings is the halo. It is a setting that consists of a centre diamond in a set of round pave diamonds. These beautiful pave stones sparkle with light and draw attention to the centre diamond, and it is the main reason why this ring style is called a halo. Today, you can find several white, yellow, rose gold, platinum, and mixed metal halo engagement rings. The appeal of halos comes from the fact that you can use them with gemstones of any shape. They can also be customised to work seamlessly with any ring design. And currently, these kinds of rings are dominating the preferences of most women. So, here is everything you should know about them:

Effect of Metal Setting on a Halo Ring Design

The design and style of halo rings get quickly transformed with various metals. For example, rose gold provides a vintage appeal, while yellow gold imparts warmth to the diamond stones. Metals like white gold or platinum highlight the brilliance of diamonds or the shades of gemstones.

You might have mostly come across halo rings that have a circle of gemstones surrounding a centre stone. But you will be surprised to note that certain halo setting styles also design metal halos. For example, in a bezel setting, you will muscle growth training see a metal halo that protects the stone at the core and takes the place of conventional prongs. And, this setting style looks incredible in most metal shades.

There Are Many Sizes of Halos

You can find diamond and gemstone halos in various sizes. Some women love the look of big carat stones surrounding their centrepiece. And when bigger diamonds are used as a halo, they impart brilliance to the setting. It is especially true if you have a vibrant gemstone as a centre stone.

Many brides-to-be desire refined elegance; they do not want something too loud or bright. And, small paved diamonds all-around a centre stone in a halo ring provide a sparkling accent without being too bright. Hence, it’s the perfect design for brides looking for something elegant yet minimalist.

Patterned Halos

Contrary to popular belief, halos don’t need to have just one kind of gemstone. You can find various types of gems, which together make a pattern halo. You can also find rings in multiple colours, which give a visually attractive look to the halo. Meanwhile, many women desire their halo to reflect a slight flush of hue. In this case, you can alternate a colourful and vibrant gemstone with diamonds.

Double and Triple Halos

Today, more and more people desire to add more bling to their rings. Due to this, the classic single halo has evolved into double and triple halos.

In a triple halo, there are three pave stone rows that circle the centre stone. And each pave stone circle makes the halo ring appear bigger. This style is best suited for those rings that have a pretty small centre stone.

Different Cuts of the Centre Stone

Halo engagement rings in princess-cut and round centre stones are considered classics. But it can also have other centre stone cuts, like emerald, pear, oval, and marquis. So, to make a statement with your halo ring, you can go in with radiant cuts, bringing together emerald and round shapes.

Elegance and brilliance define a halo ring. Moreover, you can customise them according to your preferred colour and halo pattern. And no matter how you prefer it to be, you can be sure that they will look exquisite on your finger.

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