Editing PDF Have Never Been So Easy

Paperless documents are common nowadays, most of them in portable document form. We keep business records, contracts, curriculum vitae, and learning material such as slides in portable form. This format is popular because it preserves the outlook of the file even when shared across devices.  Initially, PDFs were designed to retain their layout and content to ensure uniformity of the info when being passed to the audience, making it challenging to alter them. But there is a need to edit some information on the files from time to time, for example, updating your CV, changing figures in a business invoice, or adding an image to a slide to boost its visual appeal.

Editing PDF files is no longer a hard task. Many software services will help you read, alter, modify, annotate and edit PDF online free.

Editing PDF Have Never Been So Easy

Editing PDF has become less challenging following the development of PDF text editor for computers and mobile devices.  There are many editors for reading and modifying files. How do you choose an online PDF editor to use on your device? Your choice will depend on the cost of the versions in the market and whether there is one already installed on your device. You should go for a  free PDF editor to avoid monthly subscriptions or choose an affordable one depending on your workflow. Whichever PDF editor you choose, editing files has never been easier. Some of the Open source pdf editors in the market include Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Nitro, and Lumin PDF.

The best PDF editor for your documents should be easy to use with a simple user interface. It should be fast to take minimal time to read and modify your file. Learn more about the easiest way to edit PDF here.

Main Features You Need

An ideal PDF editing software for your device should have the following main features.

Should Be Easy to Use

To save and avoid frustrations while working on documents, you should go for an easy to use online PDF editor. It should have a simple user interface that automatically guides you on the next step when creating or adding information to a file.  The features on the PDF editor App should be easy to locate and use, for example, letters, images, and notes.

Able to Create and Modify PDFs

The reason for acquiring a PDF editor for PC and other devices is to read, create and change or add to the information in a file as may be required. The editor you select should have the features to make creating and modifying documents easy to avoid the hassle of looking for Word to make minor changes.

You may need to alter the format of the file or add some notes to an existing slide or file to your team. A good editor should have the ability to perform these functions as you edit PDF files. Your editor should allow you to add signatures, headers and footers, and watermarks for professional files.

Should be Robust

You are working on many documents for your organization, and the deadline is fast approaching. The faster you edit PDF files, the better. To achieve this, your text reader should be super fast, even when dealing with large documents. Adding notes and images should be swift and automatic.

Allow for Collaboration

In an organization or learning institution, you need to share ideas and get your team members’   opinions about the information in the file you are creating. The best PDF editor should allow you and your team to add notes, highlight parts of the file and make comments or add images and graphics. Your software should also allow you and other participants to access the file from the cloud or the organization’s system.

Keep Your Files Secure

Some documents in your system contain personal or confidential information about the company, which hackers can use fraudulently. Your editing software should have security features to keep hackers at bay. Password protection is not enough; your editor should have features to restrict the addition and removal of information or numerical data in a file and edit PDF file online.

Software that gives you authority to allow or deny access to a file is more secure.

Have a Mobile App

We work remotely sometimes and may not access the office PC always. A good document reader should have a computer and mobile apps to allow you to access files from your phone or tablet and edit files even as you travel. This will ensure that work continues even when away, and your community base does not have to visit your office to access information.

Great Tool That Has It All

There are many file readers in the market but getting one that has all the desired features is rare. Some are fast but expensive to install and subscribe for, while the cheaper options lack some features or limit the number of files you can edit in a day.  Getting the best PDF editor Mac, PC, and mobile devices depends on your workflow and pocket.

For most users, SmallPDF is the best editor to adopt. The easy PDF editor has all the tools you need to create and manipulate files and is based on the cloud, meaning you can access it from anywhere. Its features include:

  • Unlimited number of documents to edit in a day
  • Security features including password protection and restricted access
  • Storage in the cloud allows access from any connected device
  • Advanced editing features to compress, convert, OCR and signature protection
  • Has desktop apps with no adverts
  • Customer support with an easy to use UI

Small PDF offers you a seven-day free trial, after which you subscribe monthly at $120 or annually at $1080.


Portable files will quickly replace the old paper files, and we all need an editor to access and modify them. To choose the best editor, take time to study the features and select an affordable one with the desired features.

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