EB -1 Visa: Requirements and Who Can Apply!

The EB-1 visa provides you with permanent residence in the United States. However, the only people who will be qualified for applying for this first preference visa are those with extraordinary abilities in either field such as Medicine, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Research, or even Multinational companies.

All you need to do is connect with Dallas EB-1 Visa Lawyer. They will first segregate the following three categories, see which fits your application the best, and, accordingly, come up with solutions if you do not fulfill the EB1 Visa requirements.

Here are a few subcategories of the EB-1 visa. 

Extraordinary abilities in your area of expertise:

If you are applying for an EB-1 visa under this sub-type, you will need to provide evidence of your special abilities for at least 3 of the following points.

  • The comprehensive media attention around the applicant’s craft.
  • The applicant has received Nobel prizes for their excellent work.
  • Evidence of your published work in either exhibitions or professional firms.
  • Commercial success in your work environment.
  • Participating in the panel with other judges in your field.
  • Receipts of your exceptionally high salary.

Professors and Researchers: 

Suppose you are applying for an EB-1 visa under this sub-type. In that case, you will need to provide evidence to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service of your signed petition from your company that they have indeed offered you a job. 

And for that, you will need to meet at least two requirements from the following points.

  • Evidence of the original research in your area of expertise.
  • The applicant has received many Nobel awards for their incredible achievement.
  • Participating in the panel along with other judges.
  • Published work in academic journals or college records.

Multinational Managers and Executives: 

If you are applying for an EB-1 visa under this sub-type, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You must continue to work for the same firm that you will be entering.
  • Before applying for a one-year job in the United States, you must be employed outside for at least three years.

How can Pollak immigration help?

Karen-Lee Pollak immigration will help you find the best EB-1 sub-type and look after your entire EB-1 visa process. They have successfully handled clients with extraordinary abilities in areas such as Entertainment, Sports, Research, and more. 

You can reach out to the firm at [email protected], or you can even call them on a toll-free number: 214-305-9156. 

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