Double Chance Betting: How Double Chance Betting Works In Football

We are going to take a look at Double Chance Betting: How Double Chance Betting Works In Football and try to make it that little bit easier to understand for novices or beginners in the gambling world. After all, betting can get quite confusing with all its jargon and slang. Double Chance is a great example of this jargon which we are going to explore further below.

What is Double Chance betting? 

To put it simply, Double Chance betting is putting a single bet on a football match and letting you back two outcomes. In football there can be 3 outcomes: a win for Team A, a draw or a win for Team B. With Double chance betting you can cover 2 of these outcomes in one single bet. A good example of this would be if Liverpool were playing Manchester City. With both teams at the top of their game it could be a very tight draw. But going off recent form you fancy Liverpool to win it more, but there is some extra doubt in your mind that Manchester City might sneak a last minute winner. This is the perfect opportunity to use a Double Chance to bet as it will cover both a Liverpool win and a draw in the match to pay out your winnings.

What are the rules around Double Chance Betting?

With Double Chance betting you will have to take a hit on the odds as they will be lower than a straight up outright selection, but they do offer an extra insurance barrier for if the match ends in a draw. With Double chance bets you have the option to bet on:

1. Home Team win or a draw

2. Away team win or draw

3. Home or away team win

These bets may have shorter odds but give that extra bit of security to punters.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The biggest advantage to these types of bets is that you have more chance of actually winning the bet. Whilst it is by no means impossible for a team to lose, with a double chance you are covering yourself for 2/3s of the outcome which is a high rate in the gambling world. That means these bets are great for those risk-averse punters as well as the high rollers staking a lot of money, purely because they have that extra insurance to the bet.

The biggest disadvantage to Double Chance betting, especially compared with the likes of 1X2 betting, is the hit that you will take on your odds – which are inevitably going to be less due to the increased insurance you get from a Double Chance bet. Despite this, Double Chance betting remains one of the most popular markets in the football betting world.

What are the possible markets for Double Chance betting?

Many bookmakers have double chance betting within their top markets nowadays due to its rise in popularity, so they are not hard to find. Often, bookies tend to give out promotions with Double Chance betting included. In addition to this, Double Chance betting is almost made for underdogs and is a great way of backing an underdog in a bit more of a safe manner. Many tipsters also like to use this style of betting as it is a great way of banking money. Places like Footy Accumulators, with all of their football tips, are consistently offering Double Chance betting tips for beginners, novices or those struggling with betting.

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