Does recruitment become better with the use of candidate skills assessment software?

No matter how proactive and smart a recruiter is, it is widely accepted that having robust tech tools are necessary to improve recruiting results. Recruitment agency software and candidate skills testing software are some of the most vital software systems.

The advantages of having a suitable recruitment software CRM is known to all recruiters across the world. It helps to streamline the hiring process while ensuring that data access and candidate experience are boosted.

A software system that helps to assess applicants’ abilities makes a recruiter’s job much easier and convenient. In fact, having online skills testing software solution elevates the candidate evaluation process to another level.

A brief outline of the advantages of online skills testing software

The ability to administer such assessments online provides a rapid escalation of the candidate sourcing and filtering process. It helps speed up the hiring as recruiters do not need to spend hours coordinating test dates with every candidate if the testing were to occur on location.

The four main benefits of a candidate skills assessment software are –

  1. Time-saving as everything is online and quick
  2. Test results are immediately available
  3. Provides a competitive edge
  4. Can test as many applicants as needed

The biggest benefit of online skills testing is its ability to make assessments easy for both recruiter and candidate. The time spent on arranging and visiting test site locations is immediately eliminated when it comes to online testing. Recruiters can simply choose to send the appropriate tests to any one individual or a group of applicants. Candidates can sit for the evaluation at their convenience. A lot of these assessments are not convoluted so as long as the candidate has an internet connection and a computer device, they can complete the assessment during a commute or at home.

Candidate skills testing enables recruiters to provide hiring clients with a comprehensive test result that showcases their candidates’ skills and potential. This acts as a competitive edge over their rivals. Because hiring companies are faced with two good candidates but one recruiter provides additional proof that highlight their candidate’s strengths and skills then the company is likely to go with that candidate.

Different tests for different needs in candidate skills assessment software

Robust skills testing software solutions have a vast array of assessments that recruiters can make use of. The most common tests include the literacy and numeracy skills tests. These can be used regardless of the industry for every type of candidate as it evaluates the individual’s knowledge of grammar, spelling, and math skills.

The other popular tests in a candidate skills assessment software are psychometric testing, MS Office skills tests and typing skills tests. While Microsoft Office skills tests and typing skills tests are also used in assessing an office worker’s ability to use the everyday office tools to work efficiently and effectively, psychometric skills testing is a bit different.

Hiring companies place a huge emphasis on cultural fit. This is because a single employee who is disruptive can affect the morale of everyone else. Or if the new employee is not a good fit culturally then they might not find the space to grow as they should. Hence, it is vital to ensure that not only are they a good fit skills-wise but also a great fit in every other aspect.

Candidate psychometric testing results enable recruiters and employers to see how prospective candidates might react and respond to different situations. They will also be able to observe whether the applicants have a similar vision to that of the company and so on.

Essentially, there are useful assessments for every type of role in good skills testing software. These are assessments designed with standard questions so that everyone is evaluated fairly and without any bias. Online skills testing helps make candidate sourcing convenient and fun. Team it up with the best recruitment agency software of choice and leverage the advantages gained from them.

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