Does LED Light Tighten Your Skin?

Taking care of your skin is one of the essential things you can do to maintain your body, looks, and attractiveness. Skin is the part of our body that is constantly on display. And this is why most people are highly conscious of how their skin looks and feels. 

But with time, your skin will start going through various issues, and this is where you will have to take preventive measures and use the right kind of treatment to maintain your skin’s youthful look. Although there are many different skin issues that you might have to deal with, the most common one is loose skin.

Loose skin is primarily a result of age, but several other conditions can make your skin lose without even reaching the age of 40. But you don’t need to worry as we live in a technology-driven era where we use modern-day solutions like LED lights to tighten your skin.

But does LED light facial machine treatment work? And when can you go for this highly advanced skin tightening therapy? Let’s find out through this blog post.

The working and beginning of LED light therapy

The LED light technology was a NASA’s find and is now being used to tighten the skin for a prolonged period. LED or light-emitting diodes produce energy in the form of photons, and one of the most incredible things about this light is it can produce light on different wavelengths.

It was in the year 1990 when NASA came up with the LED technology. They were planning to use this advanced technology for growing plants in the space shuttles. But accidentally, NASA discovered that this type of light is proving to be effective for healing wounds. This is what changed everything for LED technology applications. Since it takes more time for wounds to heal in space, NASA found the LED technology quite effective.

But even after finding that a LED light facial machine can heal wounds, its application was limited to an after-cosmetic surgery healing process. But it didn’t take the technicians too much time to realize that it can heal wounds even when a person is not going through any cosmetic surgery.

People soon started using the LED light facial machine for acne and signs of aging, which marked the beginning of a new era in dermatologists. The red light in the case of a LED light facial machine is used for anti-aging, while the blue light is used for acne. It is imperative to know that different colors mean different wavelengths in an LED light facial machine.

Use for skin tightening.

The dermatologist places the machine on a specific skin area, and the light is projected on that particular area only. This will keep happening for 15–30 minutes every day, and this is why there will be no downtime in the case of LED light therapy.

The light-emitting from the machine penetrates the skin, and under the skin, the light triggers the basic energy process in the cells’ mitochondria. This boosts the speed of cell reproduction. On one side, the red light is used to develop collagens, and the blue light is used to produce anti-aging bacteria.

This is how people get tighter, younger, and fresh-looking skin after LED red light therapy .

Using the LED light machine

You will not need expertise or specialized skills to use the LED light machines as it is effortless to use. LED machines come with different modes, and you can choose the modes according to your skin issue. The device needs to be placed on your skin, and it will remain there for at least 15–30 minutes. You might warm around the areas where you are using the machine, but it will not be painful at all.

If you cannot get rid of the loose skin that makes you look unattractive, then it’s high time for you to choose something that gives proven results, like LED light machines. No need to constantly run to your dermatologist and no need to get confined to the bed because the LED light therapy is easy, comes with no downtime, and it’s highly economical as well.

But make sure that you are using the correct type of LED light machine as the market is flooded with these types of devices, and choosing the best one might become tricky. Just do your basic research, read reviews and go for the best-LED machine in the market.

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