Do You Need Rental Toilets? Here’s How to Tell

Have you ever been to an event where there weren’t enough toilets? If so, you might have found people getting upset and complaining to the organizers. Therefore, you won’t want this to happen if you’re planning a big occasion.

But, when should you consider hiring rental toilets? If you don’t have the right facilities on-site, it could cause a considerable amount of inconvenience, and people may leave and go elsewhere. To avoid this scenario, you can consider several key factors to help you decide if you require additional toilets for your guests.

Read on to find out if you need to portaloo hire sydney rental toilets.

Number of People

The more people you invite to an occasion, the more toileting facilities you’ll require. Even when a venue has its own restrooms, you could still make your guests more comfortable by hiring porta potty rental services that can provide additional options for attendees.


Even if you are throwing a relatively small event, your venue may not have enough toileting facilities to cater to your guests. This can particularly be the case in isolated locations where people don’t have the option to visit nearby restrooms. Before inviting guests to a venue, be sure to ask there are enough on-site facilities, or if you should hire portable toilets.

Event Duration

Events such as outdoor weddings can last for many hours, or even for most of the day and night. This is when you’re likely to have large groups of people wanting to use the same toilets. But, this can result in queues forming, and guests finding it difficult to find relief.

But, if you have numerous portable toilets placed at strategic locations around the venue, this allows everyone to feel more comfortable during the day.

Food and Beverages

Guests may be consuming food and beverages during events such as a graduation party, birthday party, or other special occasions. This increases the need for toileting facilities, and this is when having portable toilets available can be invaluable. You can book as many toilet rentals as you need, ensuring everyone can find comfort when required.

As modern portable toilets are exceptionally clean and hygienic, this is an excellent way to provide your guests with appropriate facilities.

Book Your Rental Toilets In Advance

Having enough rental toilets on-site can be crucial for throwing a successful event. Be sure to consider how many attendees you’re likely to have, and if they will be consuming food and drinks throughout the day.

You should also take the duration of the event into account, and think about the location to ensure guests have enough options when they need the toilet.

When you’ve organized the toileting facilities, this can give you peace of mind your guests can have a relaxed and pleasant day.

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