Different Methods to remove facial hair

People with unwanted hair growth, particularly on their face, often find it difficult to remove them. Their low self-esteem gets worse due to their growing hair, and they restrict themselves. Hormonal imbalances are a common cause of unwanted hair. Those problems can be addressed through different ways of removing facial hair. There are some most effective ways mentioned on this website to get rid of unwanted hair from your face. In this article I will also tell you some DIY methods to do this job.

Facial Threading

Originally from the Middle East, this ancient method is still in use today. An esthetician uses Cotton thread, doubled and twisted, to pull unwanted hairs from beneath the skin. For the removal of upper lip hair, eyebrow hair, and other facial hair, this method is mostly used.

Threading is a popular technique to remove facial hair on the eyebrows and upper lips. Hair removal for the entire face could take 30 minutes. Threading the eyebrows can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes; 5 minutes for the upper lip and 5 minutes for the upper lip?

Facial Waxing

Waxing a face requires a lot of guts! Not as easy as it seems. We need to take extra care of the skin on our faces since it’s the most sensitive one. It’s painfully painful, trust me, very painful to wax your face. With waxing, we loosen our skin and make it sag, and it doesn’t happen with our legs and arms because their skin is a different type than our face, as we age vertically from top to bottom. If done incorrectly, face waxing leaves a red appearance and leaves bumps on the face. A protective layer of our skin gets detached in the process. Infections and allergies may result from it. However, if you want to get a waxing, I will suggest you make an appointment with a certified esthetician. And avoid DIY facial waxing because you may end up ruining your face.

Home Remedy

In combination with the goodness of rose water, gram flour has great exfoliation properties and will inhibit hair growth. By following this procedure, you make home-based bleach.

Two tablespoons of gram flour are added to two tablespoons of rose water, along with one tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Mix the ingredients into a paste, apply it on your face, allow it to dry completely, and scrub it with your fingertips to rid it of any unwelcome facial hair. Repeat this procedure three or four times per week to achieve the best results.

Laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal from the targeted body parts can be achieved through laser treatment. Laser hair removal uses pulses of energy to target the hair on the face. This energy is attracting to the pigment in the hair follicle, causing it to become damaged until the hair is unable to grow anymore. Hair growth stops completely after repeated sessions of this treatment. Those with fair skin and dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal. Dark hair can be treated effectively with lasers. Typically, laser therapy stimulates new hair growth in people with white, gray, red, or blonde hair. Darker hair may be diminished, but lighter hair almost becomes more prominent.


Electrolysis treatment is an effective permanent facial hair removal procedure. Electrolysis and laser both are FDA-approved methods of permanent hair removal for all hair and skin types.

Each hair is individually targeted with a small electric current during electrolysis. The current destroys any moisture, living cells, and blood supply to the root of the hair by creating heat on it; this heat prevents the hair from regrowth.

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