Differences & Benefits of Die vs. Kiss Cutting

Marketing has taken a new and more sophisticated form that is known as digital marketing. In today’s world if you want to promote a product or service or anything in between then you can avail the services of social media platforms to promote your ads and these will soon begin to provide you with some traction around it. Despite all such advancements the need for physical or on-paper advertising still persists just to catch the eye of a possible client that might be interested in what you are selling. For this very reason, the concept of stickers and other such printing material remains, it is not cost-effective exactly but does provide you with impressive results.

In the case of paper printing, the use of stickers is extremely common, businesses and brands develop various stickers covering either the new sales which they have put into effect or the promotion of a new type of product line that will be introduced shortly. For this reason, the use of stickers is pretty common, and therefore Die and kiss cut stickers are used. Now before you carry along towards the possible advantages that these might have you should consider working your way towards a few details about these;


This is a sophisticated and hardware-intensive type of cutting in which the adhesive side of the sticker is cut in such a way that it matches the front design point by point and edge by edge. It is an exact dimensional lookalike of the front design. Die-cutting requires the use of laser cutters that are controlled through a computer and that is why is a tad costly than standard or kiss cutting. The main benefits associated with die cutting include increasing the aesthetical ambiance of the sticker, it looks great, properly thought out while bringing the promotional essence which it was intended for in the first place.

If you are interested in buying a die-cut sticker maker then it is best if you can search around locally or it is possible that you might be able to find some pretty exciting deals online, whatever works best for you.

Kiss cutting

On the other hand, kiss cutting involves a less intricate and aesthetical approach where the back of the sticker is not cut prime to the dimensions of the design and instead has a pretty flat or square adhesive side. This is done merely to save all the extra money that will otherwise be spent on whirring around the aesthetical side of things. The biggest advantage of these stickers is that they are perfect to be plastered across uneven and coarse surfaces whereas the die-cut stickers would just crumble and become out of shape.

This is the main reason why kiss-cut stickers have their own traction in the market and why they are so much in demand rather than the die-cut stickers and apart from that the kiss cut stickers are produced in bulk and their demand is sky-high due to being cost-effective.

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