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DesignEvo: How to Make a Successful Corporate Identity Logo

DesignEvo is a type of software that helps you to make various types of logo designs. For start-up entrepreneurs, logo design permits you to effectively convey your corporate philosophy and product awareness to your consumers and saves the cost of logo design to spend that money on increasing your marketing products and in other purposes. 

DesignEvo is a free logo design software. It provides you several icons so that you can make a unique logo design without any difficulty.

How to use DesignEvo to make your logo

Login DesignEvo and choose the template

  • First, you have to register on this software by using your email and then verify your email to activate your software.
  • When you enter the DesignEvo software, you have to click on the ‘Make a Free Logo.’
  • After reaching the logo creation page, you can search by typing keywords for the templates or select the theme template to start to make your required logo.
  • You have to click on the ‘Animals & Pets’ category. Then choose a template through a butterfly pattern.
  • After finishing the above work, you have to enter your respective organization’s name and input what you can say to your consumers through this logo design. You can go into it directly, you have to press ‘Start,’ and when you leave from there, you have to click on ‘Skip.’

Personalize your logo template

  • Then you have to go to the edit page. Firstly, you can add pictures from an ‘icon’ in the toolbar. Secondly, you can make your logo by editing from the ‘Text’ in the taskbar. You can find two categories: ‘Art’ and ‘Classic.’ Then you can make your logo in different shapes and sizes by using the tool ‘Shape.’ Finally, you can choose the color for your created logo’s background.
  • When you complete your operation, you can see how the logo is used for several places, like documents, trade cards, and T-shirts, by selecting ‘Preview.’

After finishing your editing, you can download your logo in the file for your required use. 

In conclusion, you can easily create a logo using this technology to promote your marketing products or service for your targeted customers.

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