Designers That Made HIstory

Taking it back to the 60s, 70’s and 80s, a lot of fashion icons have been going towards the vintage look that is loved by all. From loafers to bomber jackets, head to toe, who doesn’t love a bit of vintage? As we take time to appreciate our love of vintage clothing, let’s look at some designer clothing that has made history.

The bomber jacket

The iconic bomber jacket was loved in the 60s and 70s, and as time passed, the love for the bomber jacket continued to grow. It has now become a well-known vintage staple. The bomber jacket is a men’s jacket inspired by the armed forces, similar to other timeless classics like the trench coat and parka jacket that were also army inspired. 

The jacket was seen by many well known famous celebrities such as Tom Cruise in Top Gun and Steve McQueen, which led to the bomber jacket becoming very popular. Well known to be worn in the iconic skinhead era and was loved in the Britains by many brits, this jacket works well for whatever style you’re going for and has a great history too.


The peacoat is perfect for winter and, worn in many wardrobes across the country, has a unique history. Similar to the bomber jacket, the peacoat is military-inspired. It was invented by the Camplin family, who supplied the Royal Navy in Britain, and was the uniform worn in World War II.

The peacoat worn today is still very similar to the coats worn in the navy and has not been altered or changed much. This timeless classic was first worn by sailors during the 1880s and has a naval heritage. Worn by famous well-known celebrities such as Daniel Craig, the peacoat came into the modern fashion trend and is now known as a unique vintage classic loved by many and seems to be here to stay!

Let’s talk about Loafers.

Loafers are a timeless and sophisticated classic piece of footwear, perfect for any smart event or if you just want to stand out and look stylish. Loafers are unique pairs of shoes, made without any laces as slip-on shoes and comfortable to wear.

Loafers were inspired by traditional North American footwear later worn by Norwegian fishermen in the 1930s and working men in the 1930s in America. The popularity of thee shoes continued to grow as they became trendy among university students who started to break away from formal footwear. Loafers were also worn by many mods and skinheads in the UK and, to this day, through their unique history, have become a special vintage classic.

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