Deriving a Secure Password from Your Pet’s Name. This is How it Works

You’re not the only one to have ever derived a password from your pet’s name or perhaps use the exact name as a password. Millions of internet users worldwide use their pets’ names as passwords because they are fond of them or easy to remember.

It would seem “okay,” but the painful truth is that your account (s) becomes vulnerable to hackers. And by the way, not every password created from a pet’s name is risky, but the failure to follow the right steps risks everything.

If you have a unique connection with your pet or would love to recall your password easily, this is how to create a password from your pet’s name.

4 Requirements for a Strong Password from a Pet’s Name

The popular pet names you need to know include Lucy, Max, Mac, Maggie, Buddy, Penny, Jack, Lucky, Jasper Hazel, and Zoe. Here are a few things to follow when creating a secure password from your pet’s name.

Password Rule

Combine letters, numbers, symbols for a strong password and ensure that the characters are 16 or more. Steven Gibson, a renowned computer programmer, stresses that padding is essential when making a long password. So this is what it takes to make a secure password;

1. Uppercase & Lowercase Letters.

A password that consists of the lower and upper case letters makes it difficult for a hacker to crack it. Here, you can also include capital letters, digits and symbols in your password. If 16 characters are a lot for you, you can then go with 10 characters. Utilize any unique tactic like caps in the middle followed by digits etc.

2. Longer 

Pets commonly have short names, but a strong password should at least comprise 16 characters. Therefore, you will have to add in more characters for a strong password. Some people choose to lengthen the password with a fond memory. Just as earlier explained, consider the upper and lower case letters, symbols and digits.

3. Numbers & Symbols 

Adding numbers and symbols to your password makes a lot of sense. It not only makes your password stronger but also upgrades your online security. If your password is “MyFavouriteZoeDream,” a hacker can consider variations to get the password. However, if you eliminate some letters and add numbers and symbols, this can take a hacker a lifetime to crack your password. For example, “[email protected]”. Cool, isn’t it?

4. Password Generator

A password generator is an advanced tool and can help anyone create a random or customized password. If you have the password generator software, you can easily create multiple passwords for different accounts. It’s essential not to store or share your passwords online, even through an email. You can use a password manager to store your passwords. It is better option for you to know about leaving my dog alone.

Summing It Up

Family and pet names are among the most widely used login credentials. It is OK to consider such names when generating a password; however, caution is essential. Consider symbols, numbers, and letters when deriving a password from your pet’s name.

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