Customize displays for your business and give a multifunction to your business needs.

The touchscreen market includes half a dozen touchscreen technologies that allow consumers to choose from alternative types. Most stable, foolproof touchscreens stand out in the most demanding environment.

As a manufacturer of resistive and capacitive touch screens, many companies design and develop touch screens totally according to customers’ specifications and applications. they mainly provide customized touch screen services below:

Best manufacturing companies’ vision and designs-

  • digital screen printing-

The modern integration of touch screens today is still based on an adhesive bond. However, the adhesive only adheres to the color of the coverslip. For this reason, it is essential to optimally adapt the printing process and the color to the application. And the companies offer all the main possibilities of digital prototypes on 2K organic printing processes and ceramic color systems. A large number of colors and processes are already available, saving you time and money.

  • exits-

Modern, highly integrated HMI systems require optimum cable outlets to save space and reduce costs. As a manufacturer of touch screens, we have complete control over the materials used and the structure of our products. they are happy to develop an optimal cable outlet based on your mechanical specifications. It would help if you defined the position of the cable outlet, and they will create the optimal solution for you.

  • micro-glass thickness-

Thin thicknesses of glass are required to adopt a control unit to prerequisites optimally. Weight reduction and high impact resistance are standard customer requirements.

  • polyester options-

As manufacturers of touch screens, they offer PET polyester that matches your particular optical conditions precisely. They have the best solution for your optical needs—proven concepts and technologies for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • special sizes-

Individual touch screens adapted to your screen. Designing new sizes of the touchscreen is their daily business. They act quickly, reliably, and efficiently. They can quickly prototype using touch controller programming when using a larger touch sensor and reducing the active area. So you get a very economical solution, even for small quantities or prototypes.

  • sun readability-

Visibility in sunlight is a big challenge. To offer practical solutions, each project requires individual advice and a detailed understanding of its needs. They expertly advise you on the type of reflections, the appropriate optical bonding process, and the choice of display. As a system supplier, they can prepare a complete product for you at an attractive price.

  • sunscreen-

Sun protection is protection against heat. Infrared filters protect your screen from overheating and premature failure. they produce infrared protection filters in the form of laminated PET film or high-quality temperature-resistant infrared protection glass for optimum longevity and minimum heat ingress.

  • UV filters-

Aggressive UV radiation is a significant factor in the rapid aging of display systems. To ensure long-lasting and high-quality readability, the correct choice of surfaces and protective filters must be taken. They offer tested solutions for demanding outdoor uses.

  • laminated glass-

The optical bonding of one or more layers of glass considerably increases the impact resistance of touch screens. Using laminated glass with an impact resistance superior to IK10 + is a matter of course. Glass laminates are ideally suited to bind fragments together in case of glass breakage and reduce this potential risk.

Customize your display from orient display-

For many businesses, digitizing documents into their existing workflows can be complex. Manually scanning individual pages can be time-consuming, reducing productivity and increasing the risk of lost documents.

With orient display personalized user interface, you can now tailor the touchscreen experience to your needs.

  • Fully customized displays
  • Add your wallpapers and icons.
  • Create bespoke workflows, including scan destinations

The benefits of the personalized user interface for your business.

  • Adapted to the way you work

Minimize staff training and the risk of errors with one-touch scanning. You can also follow your company’s graphic charter and add its logo.

  • Compliance with industry standards

Whether it’s restricting user access by removing functions or simply ensuring compliance with industry regulations, you can easily customize your printers and scanners to suit your needs.

  • Easy integration into your business

Personalize your touchscreen to suit the way you work. You can optimize workflow steps and increase productivity by reducing error interventions and their ease of use.

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