Corporate Demat Account Opening Documents

Corporate Demat Accounts is an excellent investment option for Corporate Organizations who want to invest in the Indian Share Markets. If your corporate enterprise is looking to explore the ample opportunities for wealth creation, you can easily open Corporate Demat Account online for your company. These Corporate Equity Accounts benefit the Indian Corporates to develop a rich portfolio that fulfills the specific investment requirements of the companies. 

What is a Corporate Demat Account?

A Corporate Demat Account is an equity market investment account opened in the name of a private enterprise or a corporate house. These corporates use the Demat Account to invest in –

  • Equities
  • Mutual Funds, and
  • Other Investment Opportunities

Corporates of the following types can register a Demat account in their own name –

  • Corporate Houses
  • Private Companies
  • Public Limited Companies

Required Documents to Open a Corporate Demat Account

To open a Demat account for a Corporate Company, uploading the required documentation is necessary. As compared to the needed documentation for a normal Demat Account, the necessary documentation required for opening a Corporate Demat Account needs some additional documents. The most important steps in terms of uploading the required documentation to open Corporate Demat Account are –

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  • All the Account Holders must mandatorily provide their Proof of Identity (POI)
  • All the Account Holders must mandatorily provide their Proof of Address (POA)

To open Corporate Demat Account, you’ll need the following documents –

  1. Every Account Holder’s Aadhar card
  2. Every Account Holders’ Photographs (Self-Attested)
  3. Every Account Holders’ Pan Card Copies
  4. PAN of the Company
  5. Address Proofs of All Account Holders
  6. Cancelled Bank Cheques of All Account Holders


Bank Statements from the Last Three Years

  1. The Partnership’s Balance Sheets from the Last Two Fiscal Years

(New Companies must provide an IT Returns Declaration)

  1. Details of the most recent Shareholding Pattern including
    1. a list of all those with direct or indirect control in the firm
    1. duly certified by the Company Secretary/Whole-Time Director/MD in accordance with SEBI takeover requirements

(to be submitted every year)

  1. FATCA Declaration with Completed Annexures

What Is The Process For Opening A Corporate Demat Account?

By completing a simple and straightforward online KYC process, Corporate Clients can simply register for a Corporate Demat Account with their favorite broking firm. The easy steps to open Corporate Demat Account are as follows –

Step 1 – Through their website, create a Corporate Account with your selected brokerage firm.

Step 2 – Or Download their mobile app to sign up using your smartphone (Android & iOS).

Step 3 – If your documentation is current and up-to-date, signing up will take about 5 minutes.

Step 4 – After you’ve uploaded all of the needed documents, the Broking Company’s verification team will review them.

Step 5 – Once your documents have been verified, you will have successfully opened your Corporate Demat Account online.

Various Features of Having a Corporate Demat Account

When you get a Corporate Account opened for your organization, for your capital management and profile administration you can reap benefits from the following features –

  • Services of Dedicated Financial Consultants
  • Access to a Variety of Financial Products
  • Potential Recommendations from Research Reports
  • Advanced Hedging Techniques and Strategies
  • Conversion of Currencies
  • Services for Merchant Banking
  • Creation of a Well-Balanced Portfolio
  • A transparent approach to Wealth Management
  • Low Brokerage Fees


Corporates open Corporate Demat Account for their corporate firms with a unique chance of fruitful investments in the equities markets. In addition to regular Demat Account Opening Documents, some additional documentation is required for opening a Corporate Demat Account. Open a Corporate Demat Account for your business and reap the rewards as your corporate portfolio grows multifold.

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