Confused about Choosing a Gift for Your Boss? Try these 5 ideas

At certain times, you are faced with situations that encourage you to give gifts to your boss. The problem is, giving gifts to bosses or managers is sometimes much more difficult than giving gifts to coworkers.

Moreover, in some companies, there are certain rules related to gift giving. So, you can’t give any gift to your boss.

This rule will of course make it a little difficult for you to choose a gift. For that, Glints has prepared some gift ideas that can be your inspiration.

1. Smartphone UV sterilizer

If you’re still working in the office during this pandemic, a UV sterilizer smartphone might be the perfect gift for your boss.

A UV sterilizer according to NBC News is quite effective at killing bacteria and viruses. Its small size also makes it easy to carry anywhere.

This gift is perfect for your boss who has high mobility and travels a lot. The price is also quite affordable so you don’t have to worry about running out of funds to buy it.

2. Daily agenda book

A boss generally has quite a lot of agendas every day. Starting from meetings with the team, meeting clients, or even meetings with company officials.

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So, he needs proper time management in order to manage his work schedule effectively every day.

Giving a daily agenda book can be the right gift for a boss who is quite busy.

Choose an agenda book with a simple design and leather cover. This will give a professional impression of the agenda book.

To impress your boss, according to The Muse, you can add a short message on the first page. This will give a positive impression when your boss accepts it.

3. Business card box

A boss often has to meet with clients or company partners. Not infrequently he also had to attend business meetings to represent the company.

Of course, he will need a business card when meeting new people at the meeting.

A business card holder will be a perfect gift for your boss who often meets these new people.

This is the perfect personal gift, without feeling too personal. This gift also gives a professional feel without looking too stiff or formal.

4. Personalized mugs

Is your boss a coffee or tea lover? A custom mug will be the perfect gift for your boss.

If you like making designs or illustrations, you can design your own mug design that you want to give to your boss.

Even if you can’t make it, you don’t have to worry. Various mug personalization service providers offer assistance in making the design. You only need to give them the concept of the desired mug.

5. Shopping vouchers

When you have run out of ideas and feel that there is no suitable gift for your boss, shopping vouchers or gift cards can be the right solution.

Most companies forbid their employees to give gifts in the form of cash either to superiors or co-workers.

For that, you can replace it in the form of a shopping voucher. Giving shopping vouchers also makes your boss more free to choose the items he wants and buy them using the voucher.

This is the right solution when you have to give a gift in a short time.

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