Choosing the Right e-Signature Technology Provider in 2021

In the courtyard of 2021, computer technologies helping people have stepped far ahead, and most industries accept an electronic signature through the global network. Each company conducts its business remotely, communicating with customers via the Internet. The same applies to the execution of documents, certificates, businesses, and formal papers. Given the busy, heavy workload and stress during the work process, people are increasingly trying to reduce the work time and the amount of tedious paperwork. Every year, the number of users of online document processing applications is growing inexorably. It is not surprising that no one wants to deal with an endless printout of papers when one can solve plenty of problems with an electronic signature. Today, the market for such applications is replete with many high-quality and reliable options. In this review, we will focus on one of these proposals, which, in terms of efficiency to time spent ratio, leaves its competitors far behind. This is an application for electronic signatures named SignNow. With many awards and accolades from reputable sources, this utility is definitely worth your attention. The number of its users equals already more than 40 thousand people, and a large number of well-known companies recognize the effectiveness of this application.

What SignNow Can Do

Familiarize yourself with the list of the main features and opportunities that become available to SignNow users:

  • Use an e-sign anywhere and anytime

The main task of this application is to guarantee the possibility to quickly sign documents online. SignNow has a wide range of features for this. When loading the papers you have chosen, you only need to indicate your signature and the place where it will be located. Further, based on given algorithms, the program can automatically fill in the documents you attach, as well as send them out and collect signatures from other people. This option will help to organize the workflow and make working with clients as simple as possible.

  • Structuring the nomenclature database

The functionality of the program includes the ability to work with documents of several people at once (up to 10). It is possible to edit and send each paper to the desired address. SignNow helps you arrange your paperwork strictly so that you can always conveniently return to the necessary document or unfinished business. Thanks to a modern monitoring system, your contacts, who left their signatures, will be stored in the cloud of the website.

  • A clear and well-thought-out web form builder

SignNow allows you to create web forms you need for mobile devices in minutes with any number of elements, from a simple text field to a file upload field, a date field, or a phone number. For each element of the form, you can select the main parameters, as well as the rules of validation. Forms can be integrated with different recording systems, such as CRM, G Suite, or Microsoft Office using airSlate bots without code.

  • Even more options to increase your productivity with airSlate Business Cloud

AirSlate Business Cloud is the most advanced monthly subscription plan available on SignNow. A subscription allows you to delve into even more advanced features to automate your business process and receive instant help from the support team.

AirSlate helps you automate routing, reconciliation, data analysis, reminders, and notifications. With the help of artificial intelligence, it becomes possible to lead all payment processes in advance, monitor the signing of contracts, the arrival or departure of orders, and much more.

What Is the Advantage of SignNow over Other Applications?

SignNow is popular among documenting firms across a wide range of industries thanks to several key benefits.

  • The main features of the site are easy to pick up and learn.
  • The value of this advantage cannot be neglected because the presence of user-friendly software helps to save precious time and speed up the process.
  • Support for 15 types of documents, among which are PDF, Doc, Docx, RTF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and others.
  • All safety measures are observed and comply with legal requirements. Legal data is protected by SSL Encryption, Two Factor Authentication, esign or esignature Compliant, International Law Compliant, HIPAA Compliant, Secure Document Storage.
  • The interface is not overloaded with a lot of information and allows you to quickly adapt to working with the application. The process of working with a document can be perfectly decomposed into stages.

How to Use the Service?

  1. Download the document you need.
  2. Choose a place for the signature and make it using the constructor.
  3. Fill in the required forms of your document (this can be initials, full name, e-mail, etc.)
  4. Upload additional files for your recipient. The file size can be up to 15 MB.
  5. Save the document before sending.

Final Word

It is safe to say that SignNow, due to its extensive functions and ease of use, is the right option when choosing an assistant for electronic signatures and accounting work. Coupled with a fairly reasonable price, the application rightfully occupies a leading position in the market. If you use this site you will find a lot of information about technology PPC Agency UK 

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