Choosing the Best Type of safety boots in Kenya

Safety in the workplace enhances a hundred percent productivity. Happy employees mean higher production. Safety boots should be a must-have in any work area that may expose the employer’s feet to risks. There is a need to grasp useful information about choosing the right safety boots per the workplace environment.

Kenya’s economy has grown enormously at the expense of the great citizens of this nation. Mostly, all these industrious men are always on their feet which is why they need protection just like other body parts.

Investing in safety boots is as vital as any other safety measure that is put in place in working stations. One of the reasons they are important is because they provide comfort to the wearer for longer working hours. If your company has employees who are comfortable during their working hours, then that ensures productivity. In such a state they are less distracted and motivates them to work.

Choosing Safety Boots in Kenya

Selecting a safety boot when you lack enough information can be a dreadful task. Several brands and designs have flooded the market, you would wonder which one to settle for, and the safety boots prices may be overwhelming as every competitor has their given prices. The following are a few pointers to the right direction regarding how to choose a safety boot.

1. Consider the workstation and risks – various boots are made with different features that provide comfort and safety in given circumstances. Someone who works outdoors where there is water may consider buying waterproof boots. If one handles hefty equipment and power tools, the boots should be able to protect their feet from risks associated with the workplace.

The following are some risks that the employees may be facing.

Chemical risks

Employees might get exposed to corrosive and toxic fluids such as chemicals and acids. The safety boots need to be able to offer safety from such risks.

 Electrical risks

Some may be exposed to live conductive and electrostatic discharges. Antistatic shoes are highly recommended in such areas.

Mechanical risks

The risks that may be exposed to a worker include puncture, impact, pinching, or crushing. Safety shoes designed with composite toes are valuable in such conditions. Safety boots price in Kenya may seem hiked but that is because of the unique features that the boots have.

2. Amount of safety needed – Different safety boots for sale in Kenya come with different features that may help in feet safety. It solely relies on the working environment. Are you in need of a composite or steel toe? What material should be fitted in the boots? Choosing a suitable safety boot for work depends wholly on the risks that one may be exposed to.

3. Size – Always choose a few inches bigger than the normal shoe size. Space provides aeration and some space in case of swelling. This extra space can be useful if for instance if you need to wear socks or add insulated elements in thermal conditions.

4. Foot hygiene –As much as the safety boot’s sole purpose is to provide safety to the feet, it also ensures care and comfort to the wearer. These boots should have enough space for aeration. There should be features that wick moisture from the inside of the shoe to ensure dryness of the feet.


Feet safety is as important as other workstation safety measures. As an employer, you need to ensure that the workers get enough comfort and protection from general risks that are associated with their working environment.

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