Choosing cloud-based recruitment software over on-premise

Now that remote recruiting is so prevalent, agencies must have the necessary tools to help them navigate this new workspace. For this purpose, cloud-based recruitment software is the tech instrument of choice.

On-premise software, while being every bit as useful as a cloud-based one, cannot allow its users flexibility. With its main body rooted in the office space, it only permits its users also access data via the software from the office. In brief, this type of recruitment CRM software is not conducive to remote working.

Key benefits of cloud-based recruitment agency software

  • Access data and documents from anywhere

Recruitment isn’t like the typical 9-5 job. So, it requires recruiters to always be ready to catch up with candidates, clients and pull up reports and CVs at any time, from anywhere. Using cloud-based software is amenable in that it enables users to work whenever the need arises.

  • Central platform to manage data easily

Using a recruitment software gets recruiters to be more organised and streamline their work. This is due to the single platform where data, files and all the important information can be stored and accessed. Having a central programme backed on the cloud makes access easy and extremely convenient.

  • Remote recruiting made possible

Now with the prevalence of this global pandemic, remote recruiting has become truly an instrumental part of recruitment. Staffing agencies all over the world realised that a cloud-based recruitment CRM was the need of the hour. Only with such software would they be able to continue to offer their services to candidates and clients.

  • Ability to integrate with other tools

Recruiting requires different types of tech support in order to deliver the best service. Candidate skills testing is vital. Video calls have become predominant during the pandemic. The need for e-signature tools is greater than before. Therefore, recruiters must ensure that the recruitment software they choose to work with is thoroughly compatible and integrates well with other tools – skills testing software, video calling software, etc.

  • Seamless team collaboration and communication

Remote work and digital recruiting can be a challenge for the team. But being online and having a modern software system smoothens the most pressing of problems. When the documents are available online easily and various tools work well with the recruitment CRM and help boost interaction, the discussions and collaboration flow smoothly as before.

  • Easy to implement and start working

New users of cloud-based software will find it is less of a hassle to onboard than an on-premise recruitment agency software. The service provider will need the agency’s data which they will proceed to upload onto the cloud. It is practically ready to use once that’s done. So recruitment agencies can expect to have a smooth transition and upgrade to the new CRM.

  • Data maintenance and security easy

Another key advantage of cloud-based recruitment software is how the security and data maintenance is taken care of by the software supplier. So, a staffing agency doesn’t have to worry about software updates or security breaches. There’s no need to hire a separate team of IT professionals to maintain and secure the data. The service providers will do the needful.

Making the final selection with care

Even if agencies decide to go with a cloud-based recruitment CRM, their challenge doesn’t stop there. They must invest a significant amount of time and care in finding the perfect fit. Hence, they need to follows these basic steps.

  • Do market research
  • Book product demos
  • Read reviews

These might seem like basic procedures to follow but missing or short-changing on even one can be detrimental when making the ultimate choice.

Agencies must ensure that their research is thorough. Internet research helps in basic searches and making a list of leading suppliers. However, not every market-leading software is the perfect fit. Hence, booking free demos helps potential buyers understand the product better. Seeing the recruitment CRM software’s features and functionality in action helps see its strengths and potential. Finally reading customer reviews gives an insight into the kind of service that new users can expect from the recruitment software

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