Choosing a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Vancouver, BC: Mistakes You Should Not Make

Domestic violence accusations can lead to serious consequences. They can affect your reputation, as well as put your job and daily life at risk. To protect yourself from these consequences, you should hire a reliable domestic violence lawyer Vancouver, BC to represent you and help you negotiate a settlement with the prosecutors. But as you seek representation, you could make costly mistakes that can interfere with the different aspects of your case. These mistakes include the following:

Failing to Do Your Homework

A domestic violence allegation can tempt you to hire any attorney you can find. But no matter the extent of the accusation, you should do your homework, before you choose an attorney to handle your case. Consider asking around for referrals, taking your time reading client reviews online, and meeting with an attorney before you hire them. It is important to know who you will be entrusting your case to and what an attorney brings to the table. 

Failing to Check the Experience of the Lawyer

Domestic violence cases are quite complicated and require an experienced lawyer. Hiring an attorney who is new to this kind of case can ruin your defense. So, when you choose an attorney, ensure they have the right training, expertise, and experience in the field. Make sure they exclusively work on your type of case and have been handling domestic violence cases for a minimum of five years. This way, you can be sure the Vancouver, BC lawyer understands every aspect of the case and how to best defend it in court. 

Failing to Review the Fees in Advance

When you hire a domestic violence lawyer, ensure you understand their fee structure. Before you make a decision, ask about the charges involved and how the lawyer will charge you. The attorney may charge on a contingency fee basis or have hourly rates. Consider drafting a fee agreement with the attorney to avoid misunderstandings down the road. 

However, ensure you don’t hire a lawyer based on price. Before you accept a good deal from an attorney, ensure they have what it takes to handle your domestic violence case.

Failing to Meet the Attorney in Person

Meeting with a domestic violence attorney in person might be a hassle. However, this will help make sure you hire the best legal expert for the job. This will let provide you with the opportunity to ask about their training and expertise levels as well as their opinion on your case.

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