CBD has the more negligible side effect

For those who consume high doses, A neurotic condition that occurs suddenly, hallucinations or hallucinations, and loss of feeling of being yourself But because THC stimulates the part of the brain that secretes dopamine and causes feeling good or wanting to behave that feels good or fun, such as eating or having sex. The resulting sensations are more intense than natural stimuli because of the high release of dopamine. Too much, causing excessive amusement to the point of being drunk or intoxicated, is called high, which is recreational use that is not a medical indication.

A recent study in 17 volunteers examined the site of action of the substance. Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD kaufen) on brain connectivity networks at rest in 17 volunteers using a brainwave measurement method. With fMRI, approximately 90 minutes after cannabis inhalation, there was a reduction or improvement in can destroy network communication in the brain.

The study was done on 17 volunteers who had occasionally received marijuana before. (still not addictive) and communication networks

In the three brain regions that were studied, they were:

  1. The default mode (DMN; positive connectivity posterior cingulate cortex: PCC+)
  2. Executive control (ECN; Negative connectivity with posterior cingulate cortex: PCC−)
  3. Salience (SAL; positive connectivity with anterior insula: AI+).

And three types of vaporizing and inhaling marijuana were tested in 17 volunteers.

  1. The first type contains only THC (code can−CBD; 8 mg THC),
  2. The second type contains THC and CBD kaufen (using code Cann+CBD; 8 mg THC + 10 mg CBD),

The third type is a placebo that does not contain both THC and CBD.

The research model used was a randomized, crossover, placebo-controlled, double-blind design.

Basic Latin Square design and a wash-out period of at least one week are longer than the value.

The semi-live of THC is three times. The results showed a reduction in functional connectivity in the DMN (PCC+) and SAL (AI+) networks when used. THC and THC-containing cannabis and CBD produce spatially dissociable effects. In the salience network (AI+), cannabis that does not CBD reduced connectivity more than cannabis with THC and CBD, while PCC communication in the DMN network was inhibited. Destroyed from THC-only marijuana and associated with the subjects feeling ‘stoned’ (meaning Does the body follow the instructions of the brain? or still intoxicated) and ‘high’ (meaning to feel light, drunk, having little balance. As active as usual?) The study concluded that THC disrupts communication in the PCC, the main area in the brain that causes. THC intoxication, whereas CBD kaufen alleviates the communication impediment to such position and may be used used to treat mental illness nervous and addictive.

The study also reflected that inhaling THC and taking it up to the brain damages or can interfere with the communication of various networks in the brain, especially the absence of CBD, which may the ability to make decisions from the brain in the event of a sudden It doesn’t perform as well or as fast as it could be.

Therefore, the Medical Council does not recommend The recreational use of cannabis or cannabis extracts.

Hemp oil is extracted because the dosage of CBD or THC is unknown, raising the risk of overdosing on THC.

You don’t yet know all the long-term adverse effects. Therefore, it must be used in medicine to treat diseases. Or to be palliative care only.

The Medical Council has prepared this document for general practitioners and physicians to apply Using marijuana for traditional medical use modern medicine plan.

This document is made for physicians to disseminate general information to physicians and physicians who may use marijuana.

Cannabis can only be used for medical use by the modern drug regimen.

Receive training as certified by the Ministry of Public Health and pass the test in the assessment to have the right to use marijuana via Medical Doctors who are interested but do not have the right to follow the announcement of the Department of Medical Services that will open training or give certificates. Under what circumstances, the certificate is given to physicians who are not trained. Can access cannabis use information Medical at the website of the Medical Department. or at least read on page 10 to know some information and to give yourself.

A consistent understanding with that of the Medical Council and the Medical Department when seeing other doctors using a medicinal cannabis extract.

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