Caring For Your Outdoor Cushions

Cushions and pillows are great at bringing a pop of colour and comfort to your outdoor chairs. Because these cushions are water and weather resistant, you’ll feel the need to leave them outside no matter the weather, which is fine, but there’ll come a time when you’ll have to clean them all. All this time outside can mean a build-up of dirt, mildew, tree sap, bird droppings, and other stains which is why it’s important to give them a good clean once in a while to maintain the quality and condition of your seating.

How To Clean Your Outdoor Cushions

If you store your cushions away when the weather turns or when not in use it’s a smart idea to give them a good clean beforehand so when you pull them out for next season, they won’t have any little mouldy growths covering the material.

Some patio cushions and outdoor pillows are made with removable covers that can easily be tossed in the washing machine. If your cushions have this simple cleaning solution make sure to double check the manufacturer’s instructions and let them air-dry completely before putting the covers back on. This way you won’t do any damage or ruin the resistance of the material.

If you can’t remove the cover from your outdoor furniture cushions, there’s a simple method you can use to bring them back to their former glory. Be sure to do this on a clean outdoor surface, like a driveway or deck to save your newly cleaned cushion from getting dirty again.

You’ll Need

  • Vacuum with correct attachment
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Borax or bicarb soda
  • Bucket of water
  • Garden hose
  • Clean towel

1. Give Your Vacuum a Quick Clean

Using the right attachment, vacuum over the cushion, removing any loose dirt or dust. Be careful around the seams; they could be hiding a little pocket of dirt. Check any buttons or other decorative elements while you’re here too.

If you don’t trust your vacuum you can always use a brush that will gently but thoroughly clean any dirt and debris off your cushions material.

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2. Deep Clean

Mix 1 Tbsp of dishwashing liquid with ¼ cup bicarb soda in a bucket of warm water. Dip a brush into the soapy water and then scrub the entire surface of your cushion, going back over any stained areas. Wait at least five minutes for the mixture to absorb.

3. Rinse It All Off 

Use a garden hose on medium to completely rinse off the mixture on your cushions. Be sure to thoroughly rinse away all of the soap suds, you don’t want it to sit on the cushion as it could damage the appearance or material if left for too long.

4. Drying Off 

Squeeze out any excess water with your hands, then pat the fabric dry with a clean towel, soaking up as much moisture as possible. If it’s too thick to wring out, leave it propped up vertically and allow it to air-dry completely. To speed up the drying time, put them in a clean sunny spot. When the cushions are completely dry you can put them back in their place and enjoy your newly cleaned seat cushions.

How To Get Rid of those Hard to Tackle Stains 

Grass stains

If the cleaning method in the instructions above isn’t working at removing any grass stains, you can use a liquid detergent specifically for removing stains. After the above steps use a soft brush to work the detergent into the stain and rinse with clean water, repeat until the stain is removed.

Mold or mildew

Use a brush to scrape away the maximum amount of the mold or mildew as possible. Be sure to do this outside to avoid spreading the spores around to attach on any other surfaces. Spray some diluted white vinegar over the area and wait at least 10 minutes. If you still see no improvement, try dabbing the cloth on the mold spot, allowing the vinegar to soak through.

Oil stains

Greasy stains from sunscreen, bug spray, and food can be removed by sprinkling corn starch or baking soda on the fabric. Wait 15 minutes before scraping off the powder, repeating as needed until the stain is gone.

Many outdoor cushions have a water resistant coating, this protection can be affected by the dirt and debris that can build up on a dirty cushion which is why it’s so important to regularly clean your cushions. If you’re in the market for some new cushions for outdoor furniture visit our website or in-store today.

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