Can Gold be Found in Ontario?

Yes! You can find gold in Ontario! Believe it or not, Ontario is the biggest producer of gold throughout the entire province in Canada. With about 253,000 active mines, Ontario has been actively producing gold for more than a century! The mining operations in Ontario go back to 1866 when it is believed that the first gold mine was discovered. Over time, many more were found, and now there is a rich history surrounding the area, making it a vital and proud part of Canada.

So, Can Gold be Found in Ontario?

With such a rich history (literally), there are one hundred percent chances of finding gold in Ontario. In fact, despite the active projects carried out by many mining companies like TGM V, you too can mine gold from around the province. You would need a permit for the private property, but most of the sites are open for the public.

Famous Gold Mines of Ontario

As discussed above, there are many active mines in Ontario, with several companies mining the buried treasures. Among them is Trillium Gold Mines, which uses the latest equipment and resources for carrying out operations in the surroundings.

There are about twelve famous mines that sparked conversations all over the world. Let’s discuss a few:

The Eldorado Gold Discovery

The first time Canada became aware of its mining potential was due to the Eldorado Gold Discovery in 1866. It was at a farm near Madoc owned by the Richardsons. According to legend, the family was an Irish one living with limited means when their luck turned, and they stumbled upon gold.

After this discovery, the place became famous, and a mine was made not very far from the original site. However, there wasn’t much gold, and the maintenance became too costly. This caused the mine to shut down after two years. Nevertheless, the place is still widely famous, and geologists worldwide visit it from time to time.

Dome Mine

In 1909, another extensive gold discovery was made near Porcupine Lake. It is home to the Dome Mine and, up to date, produces gold.

Hollinger Mine

Between 1910 and 1968, the surrounding area of the dome mine became home to Hollinger, which produced about 19 million ounces of gold. However, this mine died down after ‘68.

Red Lake Mine

Red Lake has been the center of many mining operations and currently has an active status. Many companies, including the Trillium Gold Mines, have conducted several projects here and have risen successfully.

Detour Lake Mine

The Detour Lake Mine is located in the west of Ontario. It has also been home to many mining companies. Now it is declared as an open-pit mine which is expected to operate till at least 2035.


There are several others that, in addition to gold, produce silver, nickel, copper, diamonds, rhodium, and even platinum. All are currently in operation for not just gold but other minerals. Several companies, including TGM V, have had several operations there. Some companies continue to get ownership of a particular area and mine too. Some of the famous mines are:

  • Fraser Mine (Sudbury INO)
  • Eagle River Complex
  • Nickel Rim South Mine
  • Porcupine Operation
  • Victor Diamond Mine


Geologically speaking, Canada has been blessed with mineral treasures covering more than ninety percent of its annual production. Ontario specifically hosts festivals to celebrate this fact and permits geologists from all over the world to come and explore the area. Up to date, because of vast mineral production, Canada stands at fifth place globally. So, Can gold be found in Ontario? Well, you know the answer to that!

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