Can 3D product modeling help with social media promotion?

Architectural rendering is mainly used in the real estate, trade fair and nautical fields and today allows it to be created quickly with a particularly realistic rendering. With this technique, very useful product configurators can be built in the presentation phase of their commercial solutions. Think of the possibility of composing your own kitchen with finishes and materials of your choice and seeing the result of your choices in real time. Another use, intended for the real estate market is the realization of real-time reconstructions of apartments, the customer is free to visit these virtual places using their computer. An immersive solution of indescribable effectiveness. This technology allows you to examine the three-dimensional scene directly by transforming the user in a visitor free to interact as he wishes with the surrounding environment. Through mouse or keyboard or specially designed tools it is possible to explore scenes and interact with objectives related to the project.

The 3D renderings therefore allow you to depict a product to give an idea of ​​the final realization, develop an initial design project and provide a preview of how the product will look. The renderer models and renders environments through the 3D rendering obtains highly realistic images. To set up credible social marketing and promotion they also use a vast library of 3D objects and pay a lot of attention to detail, from lighting to textures to obtain images with a strong impact. Each element of the scene comes to life with the insertion of light points and the lighting system, the models are then integrated by applying covering materials to the surfaces such as minor details of the product.

Industrial Product 3D Rendering

The 3d product modeling deal with the reconstruction of complex machinery and robots for the industry, the animation of the 3D render is created based on real simulations.

It is also possible to reconstruct a single part of the machinery in order to focus on the single section of the production process. The realization of industrial 3D renderings can help to better explain the steps that otherwise would remain only concepts. The 3D render in fact explains the functions of the instrument well and allows a valid knowledge of it.

3D rendering lends itself to showing industrial and mechanical processes involving elements and materials that would not be possible to resume, such as sources of heat or gas. The same goes for machines that work at high speed and therefore difficult to capture in detail.

3d Rendering in the Automotive Products

Most of the cars we see on TV are not real but they are nothing more than a 3D render model made on a computer. This choice is due to the fact that the animation of a 3D render allows freer and more dynamic movements than traditional filming, and also the costs are considerably lower.

Experts creates 3D renderings for the automotive sector to render the illustrative product, guarantee a better photographic rendering and a more effective image from an advertising point of view.

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