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Boost your YouTube Experience with YouTube Vanced

A mod app named YouTube Vanced is top-rated because of some unique and amazing features. This app is built based on one of the most popular social media, “YouTube”. Nowadays, some boring and uninteresting features have been included there, not friendly for many users. This YouTube Vanced app includes your official YouTube app features, which either you cannot find or are premiums.

Features of Youtube Vanced

Let’s see which features you are going to enjoy it if you start to use this app.

  1. Adblocker: Ads are one of the ways of income from YouTube. Content creators or publishers use ads in the middle of the video. If anyone watches these ads and clicks on them, money automatically goes to the publisher’s account. To this point, it was ok. But Some includes too much or inappropriate ads, which creates annoyances for users. So, many users don’t want to see ads while watching videos. Vanched is an app with a built-in ad blocker. It blocks and controls if any ads are included in the video you are watching. You can also custom the settings just like you want.
  2. Background Playback: Playing music or video in the background is a premium feature of the YouTube app. But you can enjoy this feature free through this vanced app. Now you can do both listen to music in the background from YouTube and use any other app. This
  3. HDR Mode: You can force your phone’s limit to support the High dynamic range of video by this app. You will see improvement in quality and impressive in the result of the video.
  4. Resolution: This app can allow you to watch videos in higher resolutions that are usually disabled on your device. Therefore, you will enjoy much better quality than you are enjoying currently in the official app.
  5. Theme: We all love the dark or black theme besides the regular one. But the official YouTube app doesn’t support the dark theme on every phone. But YouTube Vanced can offer you a few themes, including a dark theme. Though the default one is white, you can change it in the settings option. The dark theme looks so aesthetic to use.
  6. Zoom: Phones are now taller in size. To view the full screen in the smartphone’s display, you need to pinch for a better view. You can pinch to zoom the screen and set the full display view in this app.
  7. Toggle: There are some options in the app, which allows you to cast share screen with nearby casting devices. This icon is called the google cast icon.
  8. Window style video: In windows, there is an option that allows you to watch one video minimized, and you will be able to scroll the feed. Though the official YouTube app doesn’t exactly that style, Vanced has. This app allows you to select between the old and new style.
  9. Volume and brightness control: While you are watching an exciting video, sometimes it is needed to adjust volume or brightness in the middle of the video. In the full-screen mode, you will be able to adjust these options by sliding the sides of the screen in this magical app.
  10. Repeating videos: Sometimes, you want to watch a video repeatedly. This Vanced app will help you to pick one video and watch it again and again.

This app is an unofficial YouTube app which can also be called the “modded version of YouTube app”. You can download the app and use it for personal use. It doesn’t require any issue-making permission for installing. So, you can be tension free about your data theft from the device. You can happily install Vanced in your app and enjoy it.

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