Beware: Tips To Save Yourself From Fake Call Centre Scams To Get Verified Jobs In Delhi

Finding a proper job has become arduous these days. Especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have lost their jobs. During the lockdown period and in the post lockdown period, companies worldwide had to reduce the number of employees to sustain themselves and retain profitability. And this particular event has created a negative impact among the mass. Millions of people lost their jobs; nevertheless, people always try to find employment. While finding employment, people need to become cautious so that they don’t become victims of cybercrimes. This article will discuss how to be cautious of these fake calls arriving from suspicious call centres. Meanwhile, if you are looking for jobs in Delhi, the latter part of this article will help you out in your search.

How do fake call centres trap people in their schemes?

Cybercriminals, especially fake call centres, target innocent and educated youngsters to swindle a hefty sum of money from them. The CV/bio-data of these unemployed youngsters can be found in famous job-seeking portals like, and as such. These web portals have become easily accessible for people, and anyone can easily download CVs in bulk. The CVs already possess personal information, including phone numbers, emails, previous employment and educational qualifications, etc. these fake call centres create customized emails and phone calls targeting these individuals, promising them lucrative job offers in reputed companies.

These fraudsters validate their identity and act as a job consultancy firm, or they can also impersonate the company itself to lure in the job seekers. To prove their genuineness, they make the victim contact several fake HR executives of the same company and prove them to be real.

These fraudsters have an interesting way to rip off money from the victims. After the victims fall into their traps, they start demanding money in the form of document verification, registration fees, uniform advance and interview scheduling. Once the victim pays for these services, they stop any kind of communication or interaction with them.

Fake Call centres have swindled many youngsters in the name of recruitment

Tips To Save Yourself From Fake Call Centre Scams

The following suggestions can help you identify Fake Call centres that swindle money out of job seekers and help you avoid them:

  1. A genuine recruiter never asks for money from any prospective new recruit or employee in any form, including document verification, registration fees, uniform advance and interview scheduling.
  2. Do search about the company or firm on the internet, scrutinize their details and read what other people have to say about them. If you find out there are people who have negative opinions about the recruitment firm, such as complaining about fraudulent activities, asking for money and not responding after getting paid, then you will have to consider the company as a hoax.
  3. Do look out for spoofed emails or fake customer care numbers, etc., before indulging in any business with these shady firms. Remember to cross-check or verify every little detail. Check their validity using alternate channels, and please do not trust them blindly.
  4. Use contacts given by the company’s official website to verify the claims of the company that is contacting you for employment. The job consultant may offer you the contact information of people who can claim to be employees of the company. But they can be part of a big gang or in a way associated with them. So do not seek any kind of clarification from these people.
  5. Fraudsters can also impersonate genuine job consultant firms by using similar logos, company names, email IDs, etc. Before making any payments, please verify the details with the company itself.

Get verified jobs in Delhi

Getting jobs can be pretty difficult, especially in the capital of India. But with the right recruitment firm, getting jobs in Delhi can be extremely easy. But it is harder to find the perfect job recruitment firm or website of your choice.

The main aim of a job recruitment company is to make it easier for both the employer and candidate to find jobs in Delhi. Companies can easily find the ideal candidate to fulfil their vacant positions, and at the same time, the candidate should be satisfied with the job prospect, salary and the perks that come with the jobs in Delhi.

There are several ideal features of a job recruitment form that makes it unique from the fake ones. Let’s talk over some of them below:

  • A job recruiter should have a proper website where both the company and candidate can directly interact with each other.
  • To create a trustworthy relationship, the firm should also have a proper online forum on their website where their clients can put forward their opinion, and it should be visible to all.
  • Active Job posting from the recruiters with specific and verified contact details.

With the rise of so many fake call centres that introduce themselves as genuine job recruitment companies, it has become difficult to distinguish between a fake and real one and with this situation finding jobs in Delhi becomes difficult. But if you closely follow the above-mentioned tips, you will not be scammed by the fake ones.

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