Best Ways to Brew your Own Coffee

As the years pass, our brains get slower and duller, needing more time to shift gears. They have become the cars that crank but just won’t start, not without that extra jolt of a caffeine fix. I am a useless vegetable without my morning coffee, and I would inject coffee beans straight into my bloodstream if life had been a cartoon production.

Any quality coffee requires you to get three essential factors down; the coffee to water ratio, the grind size, and the roast. The rest varies according to the method you are using.

Here are a few of the most delicious brews you can make yourself with the help of some fantastic equipment:

Pour Over/Drip

Since it is the manual version of any pour-over brewing happening in a machine, precession and consistency are key.

The pour-over or drip method requires a gooseneck spouted coffee brewing kettle, a digital weighing scale with an inbuilt timer, a glass carafe, a coffee dripper, and a metal cone filter.

First, boil 600 grams of water in the True Brew Gooseneck Kettle. Second, take 30 grams of coarsely ground coffee beans and place them in the coffee dripper’s conical stainless steel filter. The Pour-Over Coffee Brewer with Reusable Stainless Steel Filter is your filter, dripper, and carafe combined. Gently tap the filter to level the grounds evenly.

Now, place this entire set up of glass carafe, coffee dripper, and conical filter atop the Digital Multifunction Coffee Scale with Timer and set it to zero. Once the water is boiled, get ready for the most technical pour of the coffee world.

Begin by pouring the freshly boiled water from the outer rim, spiraling inwards, and stop when the digital scale reaches 60 grams. This process is just about making the coffee bloom, i.e., allowing the coffee to release carbon dioxide. Make sure that you get all the grounds. Start the timer and give the coffee 30 seconds to drip before the second pour.

With the second pour, you have to alternate; begin by pouring from the middle of the grounds towards the outer rim and back. You pour till your reach a total of 150 grams on the scale—this time, you have to let it drip for 45 to 65 seconds.

Again, carry out the same pour, in the same manner, to bring the total on the scale to 250 grams. Wait for the last bit of the water to get to the bottom of the filter.

For the fourth and final pour, keep pouring water gently to cover all your grounds till the scale reads 350 grams. And there you have your perfect cup of pour-over/drip coffee.


Steeping is just a hi-fi name for brewing coffee in the simplest way known to man. All it involves is an infuser coffeepot with a full immersion stainless steel strainer.

Pour hot water into the coffeepot when its temperature is between 195°F and 205°F. Then add fine to medium grounds to the full immersion strainer. Let the pot sit and the coffee brew for 2 – 3 minutes. Now, your coffee is ready to be served.

Moka Pot/ Stovetop Espresso

The Espresso Moka pot is the best alternative to your espresso machine if you need the kick that an espresso shot delivers.

First, pour room temperature filtered water in the lower chamber of the Moka pot. Do not pour past the safety valve; it’s there for a reason. Second, evenly fill the middle chamber’s filter basket with coarsely ground coffee beans to the brim. Put the basket filter on top of the lower section and screw the upper section in position. Thirds, Place the readied Moka pot on a stovetop and wait for the water to boil. When you hear the water gurgle, remove the Espresso Moka pot from the stove; your strong cuppa is ready.

French Press

Most coffee addicts prefer this centuries-old method of brewing for its ease and mouthfeel. The superior quality taste is achieved by fully immersing coffee beans in hot water, allowing for the extraction of the essential oils that give coffee its rich flavor and undeniably attractive aroma.

A French Press Thermal Insulated Coffee Brewer will make the brewing process easier for you. First, place the French Press on the digital scale and reset it to zero. Second, put 15 grams of medium-coarse grind into it and add 225 grams of boiled water cooled between 195°F and 205°F. Stop pouring when the scale reads 240 grams.

Third, place the lid on top to keep the heat in and start the timer. Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes. When the 4 minutes are up, slowly press down on the plunger until it touches the French Press base. If you are not going to consume all the coffee instantly, strain the coffee so it doesn’t get over-brewed. Serve up! The espresso blog is one of the most famous coffee blog in the world.

Cold Brew

Not all of us like a scalding hot drink straight out of bed when a cold jolt of caffeine works just fine.

You will need a Cold Brew Coffee Brewer Kit to fully immerse coffee beans into the water while their extraction remains quick and hassle-free. Place it on a digital scale and set it to zero. Put 50 grams of coarsely ground coffee beans in the French Press and add 250 grams of room temperature water or till the total on the scale goes up to 300 grams. Give it a good stir and place the lid on the Cold Brew Coffee Brewer Kit. Put it in the refrigerator and let it sit for 16 to 24 hours. Pour it out in a cup and enjoy your delicious cold brew!

If the aroma of a strong, rich cup helps you get out of bed in the morning, you need to know the best ways to brew your own coffee with the help of the handy equipment available at Coffee Gator. Coffee connoisseurs swear by them to make barista standard coffee by themselves.

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